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Please see below a sample of the feedback we receive from our delegates.

Instructor comments from our ! course:

‘Fantastic instructor with exceptional knowledge and easy going attitude, easy to listen to. Could not have been better!’

‘The instructor is really cool and also funny... He really knows how to solve our problems and questions’

'Very patient and clear when it comes to explanations. Very funny too.'

Delegates on our !:

'Very Knowledgeable and approachable instructor, could always clearly communicate the subject to students and relate to real world scenarios’

'Excellent course, thank you.'

'Very clear explanations and examples'

Delegate on our VMware vSphere on NetApp (VVNA):

"Bruce is a superb instructor, who has fantastic knowledge of general IT and not just VMware and NetApp. I was very impressed with his knowledge and how he explained every aspect of this course. He is very friendly, and very professional. I would be more than happy for him to instruct every course that attend in the future! Top job."

Storage Engineer , Compass South

Delegate on our ! FLEX course:

"Very good instructor, very friendly and professional."

Cardiff and Vale University Health Board

Great feedback from a delegate on our ! course:

"The course tutor clearly had in depth knowledge and experience and made great effort to make sure that the course content was understood by everyone attending.

I also really like the Labs and electronic student guides."


High praise from a delegate on our ! & ! courses:

"I have just completed my ICND1 and ICND2 training and I just wanted to say thank you for the course, it was brilliant and very informative. Also if you could pass my thanks onto the two trainers, they were both very helpful I learned a lot from them."

St Leonards Motors Ltd

Great comments from an on-line delegate for our !:

"Great course, easily as effective online - made much better in fact."

Kingfisher IT Services

Joy Global feedback for our ! Course

"Very good instructor clear concise and helped to put things in perspective of real life circumstances."

Joy Global

Great feedback from Experian regarding ! Course

"This course was delivered in an extremely professional manner by Mike and he did a great job of teaching a difficult and highly technical syllabus. His manner of teaching was excellent and made learning this subject easier."


Great review from Egton about our Selling Business Outcomes[/courselink] Course

"Instructor was excellent, very knowledgeable, engaging and allowed suitable discussions at relevant times throughout the course."


Great review from Enta about our ! Course

The instructor has made this course very enjoyable and demonstrated great skill and passion in delivering the course material."

"Excellent communication. Obvious experience of the material beyond mere teaching."


Great review from Sky about our ! Course

"Brain as a whole is very knowledgeable in his line of work. His explanation made things much more clear and precise. The lessons were very interesting and he always kept us involved and available to help when required no matter how busy he was. I would love to see him again on another course in the future."


Great review of our ! Course

"Well communicated and nicely paced. Also Barry never forgot I was attending online and always made sure I was included."


Positive review from Bank of New York Mellon of our ! Course

"Barry is one of the better instructors that I have had the opportunity to meet. Not only does he understand the subject taught in great detail, he also understands surround technologies. Superb!!"

Bank of New York Mellon

More great feedback from our ! Course

"The instructor was incredibly good for the course material, he had a sound background in the field and experience to fix any issue that came up. When there was an issue, not only did the instructor walk you through the troubleshooting steps to fix it, he explained why he was doing what and what to do in x,y,z situations too. He had his own analogies to things which were often more clearer and easier to understand than the course documentation and the delivery of each lesson and section was crisp and precise.

I can genuinely say that he was, hands down, the best instructor that I've trained with. "


WOW - Cisco PAM gives high praise for Fast Lane's Certi-Tool

"Since I have commenced working with Fast Lane, through their Certi-Tool platform, both myself and my partners no longer get caught out on missing expiring certifications. Certi-Tool really helps us to maintain or achieve our desired partner status’s. Fast Lane also keeps on top of any changes implemented to the partnership requirements, keeping us to date with all the latest obligations and specifications. Fast Lane’s certification service has been invaluable, saving both myself and the partners time and energy whilst ensuring business continuity."

Cisco PAM for Dimension Data

A delegate feedback on one of our Flex delivered courses:

"Fast Lane's FLEX is just the best – not only does it save me considerable money on travel, giving staff the ability to perform the training from the comfort of their own home, but I can also offer training to staff in remote offices where Fast Lane have no presence meaning I have training continuity

How could we improve the training? I don't think it can to be honest!

Superb lecturer by the way he really knew his stuff."

Credit Suisse

Positive review of Fast Lane's labs from a delegate on ! course:

“Good well laid out labs, also the extra Student labs at the end is a good idea to practice after the course has finished.
Brian is an excellent instructor and is very knowledgeable. He made things simpler to understand, which led to a very good course experience.”

Cummins Engine Company

A Positive review of a Fast Lane instructor teaching the !: “Very enthusiastic and knowledgeable trainer who made the course enjoyable.”


Excellent instructor feedback from delegates on Fast Lane's ! course:

“Eddie was very professional and delivered a very good training class experience - one of the best I have ever attended. He was accommodating of everyone's speed but conscious of the training schedule and kept us on track. He took time to deliver good explanations of concepts and his delivery skills were first rate.”


“Eddie is a good trainer, he brings genuine enthusiasm and a wealth of knowledge to this course. A subject like CCNA could become boring quickly, but with Eddie it never happened once throughout the 5 days.”

GD Broadband

Positive feedbook from a delegate on ! course:

"Very informative course that provided coverage on many aspects of the ASAs.

Clear and apparent of strong knowledge in the areas covered."

IS Infrastructure Engineer

Positive reviews of Fast Lane instructors from a delegate on Implementing and Configuring Cisco Identity Services Engine (SISE)

"This is my second course with Gabriel and once again he shows a vast knowledge of Cisco products and his passion for the technology world."

Logicalis Network Solutions.

Another delegate's positive feedback of Fast Lane instructors on ! course

‘Mike knows his stuff and provided good tuition on otherwise difficult to grasp topics.’
NHS Wales

Fast Lane NetApp courses give you all the confidence you need to succeed, as an attending dalegate on the Basic NetApp Configuration and Administration (BNCA) course states:

"Using NetApp products in the future I will have a greater knowledge and more confidence."

PCS Business Systems

A delegate on Fast Lane's VMware vSphere on NetApp (VVNA) course said:

"I came to this class with only less than a year's experience working with VMWare and NetApp. After this week, I feel that between [The Instructor's] excellent presentation skills, her thorough knowledge of the subject matter and her outstanding ability to communicate the core concepts of the material that was covered gives me a much clearer understanding of how NetApp and VMWare work together. [The Instructor] could not have done a better job of keeping the lecture interesting and was incredibly responsive to questions as well as application to realistic scenarios. By far, this is one of the best technical classes I've taken in a long time!"
Systems Engineer, The Beacon Mutual Insurance Company

A delegate on Fast Lane's ! studing via Flex said:
"Very good course, very good instructor, I would recommend, it explain very well the different settings for the ASA"
Liquid Telecom

Great feedback recent delegate, who took our ! course:
"Mike is a great trainer. He has a deep technical understanding that goes way beyond the requirement for the course."
Local Government Management Agency Dublin

Great review from a delegate on Fast Lane's FLEX ! course who said:
‘This course helped highlight my problem knowledge areas which Caryn (Instructor ) clearly explained with detailed information. This process helped throughout the course. This course was perfect for my needs, as it felt really personal and it meet my needs for a one on one style where i could be myself and ask required questions to fill my knowledge gap.’

Senior Network Engineer - Adapt

Positive feedback from a delegate on Fast Lane's FLEX ! course who said:
‘I trained remotely and got as much attention and understanding as if I was in the classroom’

Network Engineer - Gamma