PoC Accelerator

Helping customers overcome the “first implementation”
obstacles with new technologies.

2 Day Workshop

Assessing technology in action is key to successful adoption. Our consultants help customers take the first steps by delivering PoC/PoV projects that internal IT staff can later utilise and even push to production.

Fast Lane PoC/PoV projects encompass these modern IT topics:

  • Azure OpenAI
  • AI for developers
  • Application Containerisation with Docker and Kubernetes
  • DevOps with CI/CD
  • Serverless Computing
  • Low code / No code

Expected outcomes

  • PoC/PoVworkload deployed on the cloud of choice (AWS, Azure or GCP)
  • 2-days of workshop/hack for internal IT staff
  • Documentation of PoC/PoV including next steps

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