Cloud usage optimisation with focus on SaaS
products and top 3 public cloud platforms.

Service Description

Organisations keep increasing the number of resources they use in the Cloud, and those costs are becoming bigger and bigger proportion of organisational IT budget. Budget management through many different tools available on the market is starting to be a priority for getting the costs under control.

To ensure optimal costs, Fast Lane experts are applying the following procedures:

  • Optimisation of licenses and subscriptions for SaaS products (such as Microsoft 365, Google Workspace and others)
  • Evaluation and optimisation of used Cloud resources in public cloud platforms (Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud Platform and Microsoft Azure)
  • Implementing the best practices for optimising the costs including adjusting resource tiers, leveraging cloud native services, leveraging long-term resource reservations, etc.

Expected outcomes

  • Optimised usage of SaaS solutions based on user’s needs
  • Rationalised cloud platform costs based on the recommendations and best practices
  • Minimised utility costs leaving more resources for innovation

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