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Arista Networks was founded to develop and deliver cloud networking software solutions for large data center storage and compute environments. Fast Lane offers training for Arista configuration, programming, Linux and more.

Arista Training

Arista Training Program

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The Arista Training Advantage

Arista differentiates itself through its training: all courses are accompanied by three weeks of lab time. This means you have lab time during the course and an additional two weeks after the course to improve your skills.

Arista Certified Engineer Program

Arista Cloud Engineer: Level 1 - Cloud Novice (ACE-L1)
The ACE Level 1 course is designed to establish a firm foundation in open networking and Arista EOS. The engineer will progress through fundamental topics such as Ethernet, IP, Routing and Switching exposing them to the ease of configuration in the CLI. The course will build on these topics and introduce architectures built upon modern Leaf-Spine designs used in today’s Enterprise Data Center and Campus environments. Engineers will be introduced to automation and Arista’s CloudVision Solution.

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Arista Cloud Engineer: Level 2 - Cloud Associate (ACE-L2)
The ACE Level 2 course is designed to build upon the foundation in networking and Arista EOS established in Level 1. Engineers will focus on the Arista Universal Cloud Network (UCN) model for Layer 2 Leaf-Spine topologies leveraging MLAG and VARP. This same architecture is presented within the Arista Cognitive Campus architecture. The course will also introduce the Arista WiFi portfolio and features along with Campus specific features such as PoE. Engineers will then learn how the Arista DMF solution allows organizations to monitor a network-wide deployment.

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Arista Cloud Engineer: Level 3 - Cloud Journeyman (ACE-L3)
The ACE Level 3 course is designed around Arista’s cutting-edge Software Defined Cloud Networks architecture. Engineers will master the core technologies found in most modern corporate networks today. Technologies such as MP-BGP, eBGP underlays, EVPN and VXLAN are a major focus of ACE:L3. In addition, traffic engineering, troubleshooting and security are examined in depth to include: QoS, Multicast, 802.1x, MSS, WIPS and DMF.

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Arista Cloud Engineer: Level 4 - Cloud Professional (ACE-L4)
The ACE Level 4course is focused on more advanced DataCenter, DCI, WAN and Service Provider architectures. Engineers will explore the advanced routing capabilities available within Arista hardware and EOS. Topics such as leveraging VXLAN and MPLS between data center sites, leveraging IS-IS and OSPF for underlay routing, and Segment Routing will be discussed in depth. Advanced routing configuration and troubleshooting within service provider connectivity will be examined. Arista’s hybrid cloud solution leveraging AnyCloud and vEOS will also be covered.

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Arista Cloud Engineer: Level 5 - Cloud Automation (ACE-L5)
The ACE Level 5 course is designed to give modern network engineers, architects and operations staff the needed skills to automate an Arista infrastructure. The focus of the course is mid-level programmability leveraging Ansible, Python and other commonly used automation languages. Advanced CloudVision capabilities will be explored to give the engineer a comprehensive set of tools and strategies to automate any Arista environment. This course is an extensive hands-on workshop format.

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Arista Cloud Engineer: Level 6 - Cloud Architect
ACE Level 6 has no required coursework and is designed to recognize those who have achieved the highest levels and have proven it through extensive testing. The Level 6 exam includes a written and practical lab.

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Arista Cloud Engineer: Level 7 - Cloud Engineer
ACE Level 7 has no mandatory coursework and is designed to recognize those who have achieved the highest levels and have proven it through extensive testing. The Level 7 exam will be a very thorough hands-on lab

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Arista Certified Engineer Program - Product Specialties

Arista Cloud Engineer Speciality: CloudVision Portal
The CloudVision Portal (CVP) Specialist course provides the technical understanding and skills necessary to deploy, operate and manage CVP.

Arista CloudVision Portal (CVP)

Arista Cloud Engineer Speciality: DANZ Monitoring Fabric
The DANZ Monitoring Fabric (DMF) specialist training course provides the technical knowledge and skills needed to deploy and operate DMF, a next-generation Network Packet Broker (NPB).

Arista DANZ Monitoring Fabric

Arista Cloud Engineer: Converged Cloud Fabric Specialist
The Converged Cloud Fabric (CCF) Specialist course provides the in-depth understanding and technical skills necessary to deploy and operate an SDN data centre fabric based on the Arista CCF solution.

Arista DANZ Monitoring Fabric

Arista Cloud Engineer Speciality: WiFi

Arista DANZ Monitoring Fabric

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