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As the largest Global IT Learning Solutions provider, Fast Lane deliver learning solutions to support customers as they adapt to key business transformations and technology advancements that drive the way for organisations to differentiate themselves. We provide customers globally with flexible options of learning methods, for customised private, public open enrolment, virtual, and ELT formats to support and accelerate your skills needs. Our solutions deliver programs around, Big Data & Analytics, Storage Management, Cyber Security, Security, Network Management, Collaboration, Cloud Computing, IoT, Sales-Training, Wireless technologies, Enterprise-Mobility and Virtualization.

We teach a range of audiences including the vendor and partner Account Managers as it is critical they can have meaningful, business relevant conversations with their clients, creating initial opportunity. We train Pre-Sales so they can take this conversation a step further technically and are able to design and architect a solution. We provide a comprehensive curriculum of technical classes to meet the needs of the engineer who is required to implement, support and manage the technology, across a broad range of solutions.

Fast Lane is represented worldwide in more than 60 countries with subsidiaries in all regions. The firm’s head offices are in Berlin, Cary/NC, London, San Jose de Costa Rica, Ljubljana, St. Petersburg, Singapore, Sydney, Bangalore, Peking and Johannesburg.


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Professional Services

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