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Partner Certification Management

Fast Lane’s Certi-Tool

Helping you to obtain and maintain your Partner Accreditation!

What is it?
The Certi-Tool application assists your business by tracking your certification and skills across a number of vendors.

Fast Lane will work with you to assess your current certification and discuss your plans to maintain or change your status. Using the Certi-Tool application you get a complete overview of your estate and how your personnel contribute towards your goals.

Once your goals are set within Certi-Tool, this will assist with the planning phase and identify any skills gaps. Fast Lane will work with you to allocate the appropriate courses to fulfil your requirement.

Fast Lane will deliver you with a tailored training plan that meets the business and individual objectives. This plan comes with all the courses, locations and dates that will meet your certification aspirations.

The training needs identified can be delivered off of our extensive public course schedule or Fast Lane can arrange for a closed course, delivered only for your organisation where the agenda is bespoke to your needs.

Your training will be co-ordinated by a named service delivery professional who will manage your plan for any changes, cancellations or logistical challenges that you may have.

Throughout the process, Fast Lane will update the Certi-Tool application with the latest course and certification updates. In addition to the regular updates, you also benefit from an on-site quarterly review to track any changes to the plan and to develop succession planning of your estate.

Multiple Vendors:
The Certi-Tool application currently manages Cisco, NetApp, VMware, Microsoft and Citrix, with additional vendors due to come on line.

Fast Lane are approved to take payment using vendor training credits for full or part payment for any courses. Further to this, once the plan has been designed and approved, you can protect the budget by purchasing a Fast Pass to cover the highlighted courses.

The advantages for your organisation

At any given moment you will have an overview of:

  • The current channel partner program requirements including exams, certifications, specializations and courses required to maintain / obtain your partner status.
  • Where your organisation stands within the partner program.
  • The route your organisation should take in order to achieve the desired goal.
  • A detailed training program for each employee, Fast Lane will manage the booking process and procedure for you.
  • The potential risks your organisation runs, which certifications are due to expire and what happens when a certified member leaves your organisation

Rest assured we handle all of your information with the upmost care and discretion at all times, and employee’s details and privacy is guaranteed at all times.

Want for find out more about our Certi-Tool database and how we can work with you to manage your partner status or goals on your behalf? We would be more than happy to come and demonstrate the Certi-Tool so you can see the possibilities available. Please call us on call0845 470 1000 or email us

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