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Managing Successful Programmes (MSP) Foundation and Practitioner (MSPFP)

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Detailed Course Outline

Introduction to MSP

  • Adhering to MSP Principles
  • Defining the processes and themes

Transformational Flow Processes

  • Identifying a programme
    • Appointing the Sponsoring Group and Programme Board
    • Developing a Programme Brief
    • Creating a Programme Preparation Plan
  • Defining a programme
    • Refining the Vision Statement and Blueprint
    • Modelling the benefits
    • Establishing a Programme Plan
    • Designing governance arrangements
    • Confirming the Business Case
    • Bringing together the Programme Definition Document
  • Managing the tranche
    • Implementing defined governance for the programme
    • Undertaking audit and assurance reviews
    • Maintaining alignment between programme blueprint and business strategy objectives
    • Managing risks and issues
  • Delivering the capability
    • Starting projects
    • Engaging stakeholders
    • Controlling project delivery
    • Closing projects
  • Realising the benefits
    • Preparing for transition
    • Undergoing transition
    • Measuring the benefits
  • Closing a Programme
    • Confirming programme closure
    • Reviewing the programme
    • Disbanding the programme organisation

Leading the Programme

  • Programme organisation
    • Designing a programme organisational structure
    • Identifying responsibilities of everyone involved
  • Ensuring stakeholder engagement
    • Analysing and identifying stakeholders
    • Profiling and mapping stakeholder interests and issues
    • Developing a Communications Plan
    • Measuring communication effectiveness

Aligning the Vision, Blueprint and Business Case

  • Creating the Vision and Blueprint
    • Designing a model of the future organisation
    • Modelling processes, organisation, information
  • The Business Case
    • Creating and evolving the Business Case
    • Validating against the Vision and Blueprint
    • Testing the ongoing viability of the programme

Governing the Programme

  • Planning and controlling the programme
    • Deciding on the structure of the tranches
    • Defining the contents of a Programme Plan
    • Resourcing the programme
    • Identifying how the programme will be controlled with associated responsibilities
  • Benefits management
    • Mapping, profiling and categorising benefits
    • Employing the benefits management cycle
  • Managing risks and issues
    • Controlling the aggregated risk profile
    • Responding to threats and opportunities
    • Resolving issues
  • Quality and assurance management
    • Designing a Quality and Assurance Management Strategy for a programme
    • Achieving the right level of quality
    • Applying the principles of assurance management

Foundation and Practitioner Exams

  • Preparing for the exams
    • Gaining insight into the exam process
    • Practising with sample exam questions
  • Foundation Exam: Day 4
    • Taking the exam
    • Obtaining results
  • Practitioner Exam: Day 5
    • Taking the exam

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