MS Azure Cloud Ready Hackathon: Running cloud-native workloads with Kubernetes (MSAZRCWK)


Course Overview

The Cloud Ready Hackathon – Running cloud-native workloads with Kubernetes prepares Engineers across all flavours of cloud-native best practices when it comes to concepts creating and maintaining their infrastructure with Infrastructure as a Code approach, as well as setting up monitoring and alerting solutions for their existing Kubernetes workloads which they will later enhance by applying advanced microservices scenarios. The focus is to give Learners a hands-on experience working with Terraform, Prometheus, Graphana, and Kubernetes.

Please note Learners will work in teams of 5 or 6, where they will collaborate throughout the hack, completing a set of gated challenges that will take them on a journey to becoming the stars of today’s modern, cloud-native application world. If you wish to book a dedicated team, the price is £4,300 +vat.



  • Intermediate experience with Kubernetes.
  • Intermediate experience with cloud platforms (Azure)

Course Content

  • Challenge 1: Coding the infrastructure
    • Introduction to Terraform. Creating the infrastructure-as-code scripts for deploying the K8s and other services on Azure.
  • Challenge 2: What’s up with my application?
    • Implementing monitoring solution leveraging Prometheus and Graphana. Deploying a “dirty” application and monitoring the status of the cluster. Implementing resource limitations for containers. Implementing alerting.
  • Challenge 3: Now, let’s mesh it up!
    • Introduction of Istio as service mesh platform for Kubernetes. Implementing advanced microservices scenarios (advanced routing, retries with exponential backoff, circuit breaker, health checks, mutual TLS, …). Canary deployment.

Prices & Delivery methods

Online Training

2 days

  • £ 1,000.—
Classroom Training

2 days

  • United Kingdom: £ 1,000.—

Currently there are no training dates scheduled for this course.