MS Azure Cloud Ready Hackathon: Coding And Testing On Linux (MSAZCTL)


Course Overview

The Cloud Ready Hackathon – Coding and Testing on Linux prepares Engineers across all flavours of cloud-native workloads by establishing and improving basic principles of working with Linux basic commands and creating various scripts. They will also be introduced to standard principles and best practices of working with source control and as well will get familiar with Test-Driven Development. The focus is to give Learners hands-on experience working with Linux, Git, and popular unit test and test coverage tools such as Jest and SonarQube, respectively.

Please note Learners will work in teams of 5 or 6, where they will collaborate throughout the hack, completing a set of gated challenges that will take them on a journey to becoming the stars of today’s modern, cloud-native application world. If you wish to book a dedicated team, the price is £2,500 +vat.


None Required

Course Content

  • Challenge 1: Hello Linux
    • A lap around Linux basics (most common bash commands, grep, vi/vim, writing scripts).
  • Challenge 2: To get or Git the code
    • Introduction to Git concept of source control. Tasks include cloning repos, committing, pushing, branching, etc.
  • Challenge 3: Test, test, test… and then code
    • Implement Unit tests for the existing code with Jest. Introducing Test-Driven Development. Implement new functionalities in a test-driven manner (first test, then code). Create a code-coverage report using SonarQube.

Prices & Delivery methods

Online Training

1 day

  • £ 600.—
Classroom Training

1 day

  • United Kingdom: £ 600.—

Currently there are no training dates scheduled for this course.