Cisco Cloud Security for Microsoft Office 365 (CSMO365)


Who should attend

Cisco Partner Account Managers and Business Development Managers

Course Objectives

  • Learn about the sales opportunity for adding Cisco security solutions to Office 365.
  • Discover the drivers compelling events that will drive customer conversations and actions around adding Cisco security solutions to Office 365.
  • Learn the basics of Cisco Email, Advanced Malware Protection, Umbrella and Cloudlock and how to articulate what they are and their value propositions in a simple and compelling way.
  • Dive into the buyer and decision maker profiles and how to engage them with the right messages.
  • Gain clarity on which customers are mostly likely to buy, how to identify them and then create a list of new sales prospects and leads in the workshop.
  • Learn about the resources that will enable salespeople to better engage, prove and propose and make faster progress on sales opportunities including:
  • Cisco SalesConnect content such as playbooks, customer ready materials, demos, trials, tools, case studies and ordering guides.
  • Analyst and other market studies and commentaries.
  • Engagement resources and SE training for deeper customer sales engagements.

Course Content

The customer base of Microsoft Office 365 is growing fast, offering a significant market opportunity for Cisco security solutions. Gartner states by 2021, 70% of businesses will be using Office 365 and will need third-party security solutions for the platform. A recent Microsoft blog points to a 300% increase in attacks on Microsoft cloud-based user accounts and Gartner points out in another study that Microsoft's basic security is lagging. Compliance needs (GDPR), threats to market share and the loss of revenue due to downtime mean that basic security is not enough. Customers will be compelled to review their cloud security solutions and a joint solution of Cisco Email, Advanced Malware Protection, Umbrella and Cloudlock can safeguard the information stored, shared and sent within Office 365.

  • Customer Drivers – why and when customers buy Cisco Security Solutions for O365. Participants will discover the market opportunity and focus on why customers with O365 are compelled to purchase security solutions from Cisco.
  • Cisco Security Solutions for Microsoft Office 365 Overview. Particpants will discover which Cisco Security Solutions to focus on, what they do and how to simply articulate product and value propositions.
  • Stakeholders – who should we talk to.Participants will determine the stakeholder groups to engage to secure and drive Cisco Security Solutions sales. Particpants will be challenged to look beyond current IT and core networking contacts.
  • Engaging and articulating value. Participants will create practical and effective engagement plans for the stakeholder groups and types that they need to engage with to secure and drive Cisco Security Solutions for O365 deals.
  • New Pipeline identification. Participants will use the work they have completed so far to identify new Cisco Security Solutions for O365 deals.
  • Resources to help you progress deals.Participants will discover the resources available to them to help them engage in and progress Cisco Security Solutions for O365 deals.
  • Call to Action: Your Cisco Security Solutions for O365 Action Plan. Participants will use notes from the day to create a practical and actionable plan to work on deals that they have identified in the workshop

Prices & Delivery methods

Classroom Training

1 day

  • United Kingdom: £ 795.—

Currently there are no training dates scheduled for this course.