Azure OpenAI Hackathon (AZOAIH)


Course Overview

This 3-day Azure Open AI Hackathon is a platform for developers and AI enthusiasts to create innovative and intelligent AI-powered applications using Azure Open AI and other relevant Azure services. Participants will explore various scenarios, incorporating chat-based interfaces, natural language processing, image generation, and more to develop cutting-edge solutions powered by Open AI and Azure.

Course Objectives

This hackathon encompasses the modern approach to the world of generative AI – from a generic chatbot to a modern, AI-powered solution capable of extracting insights and generating content from various data sources. Each developer or AI enthusiast working with generative AI needs to have experience with these technologies to be successful in the exciting times in front of us. Every participant will build the following technical skills:

  • Experience with Azure OpenAI platform (creating and running custom chatbots, generating images using DALL-E)
  • Experience with Azure Cognitive Services (Azure Speech API, Azure Forms recognizer, Azure Vision API, Azure Cognitive Search)
  • Working knowledge with Azure platform in general (Azure SQL Database, Azure Blob Storage, Azure CosmosDB)

Azure OpenAI Hackathon builds on the concept of learning by doing in a highly interactive environment. Solving real-world problems without being told directly what to do will enable participants to apply acquired skills immediately on their job.

Course Content


The challenges are interconnected and build upon one another, allowing participants to develop an intelligent AI-powered application (alongside covering content filtering and embeddings), incorporate additional data by fine-tuning the models, and generate images with DALL-E using Azure Open AI and relevant Azure services. Participants will be part of a newly founded digital department in an up-and-rising retail corporation. They will be given access to Azure services and resources to address each challenge progressively.

Challenge 1: FAQs are so 20th century…

  • Participants will develop a modern documentation and support solution for a software product. Users can ask questions about the product and receive accurate answers and step-by-step explanations, leveraging Azure Open AI's Chat engine.

Challenge 2: Onboarding made easier than ever

  • In this challenge, participants will create an internal knowledge base solution accessible through the chat-based web application. Leveraging Azure Cognitive Search, the application will efficiently retrieve relevant information in response to employees’ inquiries, making their onboarding a swift and pleasant experience.

Challenge 3: Paint me a picture

  • In this challenge, participants will enhance the AI-powered application by integrating Azure DALL-E for image generation. This will enable users to generate personalized avatars based on their inputs, such as country/city, age, favorite band, etc.

Challenge 4: Maybe AI knows how to talk to our database?

  • Participants will create a basic chat-based interface using Azure Open AI's Completion engine. The focus is on integrating natural language understanding to allow users to interact with the database in a conversational manner. The chat-based application should understand and respond appropriately to user queries.

Challenge 5: Recommendation needed over here!

  • Building upon the previous challenge, participants will develop a product similarity search and recommendation engine for the company’s webshop. Utilizing embeddings participants will enable the application to provide relevant product recommendations based on user preferences and historical data.

Challenge 6: The only type of customers we have are happy customers!

  • Participants will enhance the customer service process by integrating Azure Speech API to transcribe phone calls and analyze the call data. They will create Fine-tuned GPT intent classifier to combine the insights of all previous challenges and create a full-blown, advanced customer service solution to provide better insights and improve customer satisfaction.

Prices & Delivery methods

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3 days

  • on request
Classroom Training

3 days

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