Python Programming 1 (PYP1)

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Course Overview

Python is an object oriented rapid development language deployed in many scenarios in the modern world.

This Python Programming 1 course is designed to give delegates the knowledge to develop and maintain Python scripts using the current version (V3) of Python. There are many similarities between Python V2 and Python V3. The skills gained on this course will allow the delegate to develop their own skills further using Python V2 or V3 to support the development and maintenance of scripts.

Exercises and examples are used throughout the course to give practical hands-on experience with the techniques covered.

Follow-On Courses

  • Python Programming 2
  • Introduction to Python Cryptography
  • Apache Web Server
  • PHP Programming
  • PHP & MySQL for Web Development
  • PHP & MariaDB for Web Development
  • Perl Programming
  • Ruby Programming
  • Ruby Programming & Ruby on Rails
  • Introduction to MySQL
  • Introduction to MariaDB

Who should attend

Programmers who need to write or maintain scripts in Python.


Familiarity with programming concepts is useful, this knowledge can be obtained by attendance on the Introduction to Programming course.

Course Objectives

This course aims to provide the delegate with the knowledge to be able to produce Python applications that exploit all core elements of the language including input/output, variables, expressions, selection and iteration, functions, modules, classes and objects, email, and database operations.

Delegates will learn and acquire skills as follows:

  • Reading/writing text and binary files
  • Declaring and initialising variables
  • Constructing expressions with all operator types
  • Using conditional statements
  • Using iterative statements
  • Manipulating text using regular expressions
  • Declaring and using modules
  • Using and creating Python objects
  • Using built-in library functions
  • Using lists and dictionaries
  • Interacting with the email system
  • Interacting with databases
Classroom Training

Duration 3 days

Price (excl. VAT)
  • United Kingdom: £ 1,295.-
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