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Programming C# Extended Features (PCEF)


Course Overview

Apply C# extended features, including LINQ and EF, to effectively integrate object-oriented and data-manipulation capabilities. In this training course, you will use specialised C# keywords and language features, such as lambda expressions, extension methods, generic classes and delegates, universal functions, and anonymous types, to optimise your data access, productivity, and application performance.

Who should attend

This course uses Visual Studio 2013, but is useful to those using an earlier version


  • Knowledge at the level of !.Net Development Introduction to C# Programming (CPROG) C# Programming
  • You should know how to: Construct, compile, and execute C# Windows Forms and/or Web applications using the Visual Studio integrated environment
  • Design and implement a modestly complex (1000+ lines) program in the C# language
  • Apply solid object-oriented development techniques, including encapsulation, inheritance, interfaces, and polymorphism
  • Produce applications that employ key parts of the .NET framework library

Course Objectives

  • Streamline data-centric applications with C# extended features and the Entity Framework (EF)
  • Apply lambda expressions and extension methods
  • Exploit LINQ keywords to filter and order data
  • Generate dynamic enumerations in developer-written generic classes
Online Training

Duration 3 days

Price (excl. VAT)
  • £ 1,695.—
Classroom Training

Duration 3 days

Price (excl. VAT)
  • United Kingdom: £ 1,695.—

Currently there are no training dates scheduled for this course.

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