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ITIL® 4 Leader Digital and IT Strategy (ITIL4LDIS)

Detailed Course Outline

Demonstrate the use of ITIL Guiding Principles in Digital and IT Strategy decisions and activities

  • Relate the ITIL guiding principles to all aspects of Digital and IT Strategy:

Understand why organisations need to change the way they do business in markets disrupted by digital and information technology, and relate this to the concepts of strategy that they will need to master as they make these changes

  • Understand the key concepts: Digital Technology, Digital Business, Digital Organisation, Digitalization, Digital Transformation, Business Strategy and Business Models, Digital and IT Strategy, Product Management and Service Management
  • Explain the relationship between Digital and IT Strategy and the core components of the ITIL SVS

Relate the concepts of Digital and IT Strategy, the Service Value System and the Service Value Chain and explain how they work together to create value in markets being transformed by digital and information technology

  • Explain environmental analysis in terms of external and internal analysis, covering PESTLE and the Four Dimensions of Service Management

Understand how an organisation uses Digital and IT Strategy to remain viable in environments disrupted by digital technology

  • Show how an organisation viability is related to how agile, resilient, lean, continuous and co-creational it is
  • Know how to apply DITS in managing VUCA environments
  • Explain and compare three levels of digital disruption
  • Show how an organisation position in a particular market or industry is influenced by a number of factors
  • Use a digital positioning tool to determine the appropriate position for a digital organisation

Understand strategic approaches made possible by digital and information technology to achieve customer / market relevance and operational excellence

  • Know how to apply different approaches to achieve customer / market relevance
  • Know how to achieve operational excellence in the four dimensions of service management
  • Understand the financial aspects of Digital and IT Strategy
  • Apply strategic approaches for digital organisations

Understand the risks and opportunities of Digital and IT Strategy

  • Explain the concept of risk management in the context of a digital organisation
  • In the context of Digital and IT Strategy, explain how to identify risk and assess risk
  • Explain the concept of risk posture and show how to determine an acceptable balance between opportunity and risk
  • Explain the concept of innovation, including its key elements and techniques
  • Describe techniques to develop and maintain a culture of innovation

Understand the steps and techniques involved in defining and advocating for a Digital and IT Strategy

  • Show how to use a digital readiness assessment to perform a gap analysis between an organisation’s current and desired positions
  • Explain how to define and communicate a vision and a strategy
  • Know how to use business cases to advocate for a Digital and IT Strategy