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Cisco Customer Loyalty Program

The Cisco Customer Loyalty is the newest initiative from Learning@Cisco that uses education as a key differentiator for Cisco. Similar to “airline mile” rewards programs, the CCL focuses on rewarding customers systematically with education loyalty points. These points accumulate quarterly, and are based on the customer's quarterly purchases of products and services with Cisco.

Program Highlights:

End customers earn & accumulate reward points every time they purchase Cisco products. (P.O. customer level) Reward points are calculated as % of total Cisco revenue Range from 0.05% to 0.25% dependent on customer’s Loyalty levels (based on prior year’s annual revenue) Reward points are allowed to accumulate as long as accounts remain active (past 18 months) Customers can view their balances, and redeem their points through a secured website

CCL-Redeemable Learning Offerings:

Cisco Live! Events

Advanced Technical Training

Cisco Authorized Learning Partners Technical Training

Cisco Technical Education

Learning Partners Offerings

CCIE 360 Bundles

Certification Exam Vouchers

CCIE Lab Vouchers

CLN Store Self Study Learning


Loyalty points have a reward value of 1 Point equal to $1 USD. As incentive points, they are redeemable for the following learning offerings:


Cisco Learning Credits:

100 Loyalty Points = 1 Learning Credit Exams, CCIE Labs, and CLN Store Customers can view their balances, through a secured website, on any device and redeem their loyalty points via email.

Cisco course offerings here:

Cisco Public Schedule

For more information:

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