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Palo Alto Networks New 8.1 Training Courses

Our Lead Security expert Gabriel Bryson gives his thoughts on the latest additions to the Palo Alto portfolio.

Palo Alto Networks have recently posted their newly updated training courses. Having gone through them all I think they have done a wonderful job this round and I shall explain why.


This is a great entry level course for engineers, architects or support personnel and it covers pretty much all the firewall features. The course provides the student with a great understanding of the Palo Alto firewall and its capabilities. During the 5 day instructor led training, students will now spend more than 50% of their time doing hands on labs to bolster their knowledge of the firewall and its key features.


This is a new course and one that has been missing from the students portfolio in the past. I like to refer to it as the advanced firewall course as many of the firewall features we talk about in the essentials course are now covered in more detail, such as things like creating custom applications and threat signatures. It also focuses on optimizing the firewall features based on best practice techniques. This is a 4 day course and once again 50% of the course is set aside for lab work. A Big thumbs up for this one.


This is a completely revamped advanced troubleshooting course and Palo Alto have done a particularly good job with this one. once again, more than half the allotted 3 days is spent on lab exercises, real meaningful labs that teach students how to use the troubleshooting tools and processes. This course will serve support personnel particularly well and those engineers who have to dive deeper into the CLI to troubleshoot.


The Panorama class was also given a fresh update for version 8.1 and once again I feel this 2 day course is a must for any corporate using Panorama to centrally manage multiple firewalls. Using this product to its full potential is all about having a good understanding of its features, which this course is very good at getting across and the labs once again re enforce the students’ knowledge.


I congratulate Palo Alto Networks for their efforts in providing a set of wonderful, practical training courses which provide the student with not only the knowledge of how the firewall works but also provides great practical labs giving students the necessary confidence to go back to work and carry the knowledge through to the corporate network.

P.S Training at Fast Lane UK will include for all Palo Alto courses two weeks access to labs giving the student an extra week lab access to get more confidence configuring the firewall.

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