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Accelerate Adoption of the Internet of Things

Fast Lane Joins the IoT Talent Consortium

Fast Lane has accepted a role as an early member of the IoT Talent Consortium. The IoT Talent Consortium is an organization that enables today’s workforce to realize the value and accelerate adoption of the Internet of Things. The Talent Consortium’s objectives include growing an IoT-specific talent development ecosystem focused on career and skills development, being the go-to reference for IoT professional qualifications and building the capability to match trained talent to jobs within the developmental ecosystem encompassing the membership.

Fast Lane is involved in the Accreditation and Portfolio Working Groups of the IoT Talent Consortium. As part of the Portfolio Working Group Fast Lane will help structure and define areas relevant to IoT, as well as vet and contribute content and courses that will help IoT Professionals determine their path and grow their competencies. On the Accreditation Working Group, Fast Lane will collaborate to define the certifications and credentials that will ultimately be the tools by which a professional differentiates themselves in the employee market. Fast Lane will be essential in defining the IoT Profession, and shaping future experts of innovation who will accelerate the value derived from digitalization.

“We are very pleased to have a global consulting and education organization join our consortium”, states Jeanne Dunn, ‎VP/GM at Cisco Systems and CEO of the IoT Talent Consortium. “Fast Lane’s contributions will help us accelerate the impact and quality of training and education on the worldwide IoT talent pool.”

By joining the IoT Talent Consortium, Fast Lane will improve their understanding of rapidly evolving workforce development needs, accelerate curricular response to industrial shifts, stay up-to-date on IoT learning trends and skills, keep course content in line with in-demand skills, develop new courses to fill gaps and better educate the future professionals of the IoT industry.

About Internet of Things Consortium
The Internet of Things Talent Consortium is a coalition of powerhouse organizations that seek to disrupt the way we cultivate talent in a digital world. Our mission is to accelerate the potential of IoT by shaking-up educational models and reimagining the system for acquiring and developing talent through the workforce needs and learner’s career life-cycle.

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