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Deploying Systems in Cloud Environments (CL260)

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Detailed Course Outline

Introduction to Clouds and CloudForms

  • Understand the Red Hat® CloudForms architecture.

System Engine: installation and repositories

  • Install, configure, and access System Engine. Enable Red Hat repositories and create custom repositories.

System Engine: system templates

  • Create and manage system templates in System Engine. Monitor and maintain System Engine.

Cloud Engine configuration

  • Install, configure, and access Cloud Engine.

Cloud Engine management

  • Manage instances using CloudForms in Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization and Amazon EC2.

Configuration Server

  • Install, configure, and access Configuration Server. Configure a proxy to allow remote instances to access System Engine behind a network address translation (NAT).

Advanced Configuration Server

  • Deploy a multi-instance application using Configuration Server.

Advanced CloudForms

  • Manage organizations, GPG keys, and user accounts in System Engine.

Comprehensive review

  • Review the installation and configuration of CloudForms.

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