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HP OneView Administration (H4C04)

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Detailed Course Outline

Module 1: HPE OneView overview
  • Composable Infrastructure
  • What’s new with HPE OneView 3.1
  • Firmware and Driver Enhancements
  • HPE OneView Global Dashboard 1.2
  • Integrated Remote Support and Insight Online
  • HPE Partner Ecosystem and Third-Party Integrations
  • HPE OneView documentation
Module 2: Installing HPE OneView
  • Describe HPE OneView language localization
  • Review the HPE OneView support matrix
  • HPE OneView address pools and hardware maximums
  • HPE OneView deployment on a VMware ESXi host
  • Configure OneView on first access
  • Discuss VMware Tools support
Module 3: Network creation and management
  • Explore the HPE OneView Resource Manager and State Change Message Bus
  • Review SmartLink and Pause Flood protections in HPE OneView
  • Design Active/Active and Active/Standby networking inOneView
  • Describe HPE OneView Networks, Network Sets, andUplink Sets
  • Configure Fibre Channel over Ethernet connections
  • Access OneView Ethernet and SAN statistics
Module 4: Storage management
  • Storage systems
  • Storage pools
  • Volumes and volume templates
  • SAN volume snapshots / clones
  • SAN Managers
  • HPE OneView zoning
  • Connecting server profiles to volumes
  • Understand port groups
  • Manage OneView storage volumes
  • Monitor and diagnose the SAN manager
Module 5: Connectivity management
  • HPE OneView Domains
  • Logical Interconnects, Logical Interconnect Groups, and Enclosure Groups
  • HPE OneView Address and Identifier service
  • Top of Rack Logical Switch Integration
Module 6: Server and enclosure management
  • Server Hardware Type
  • Configuring HPE OneView Enclosure Groups
  • Adding Onboard Administrators and iLOs
  • The refresh: reestablishing communication and validation
  • Removing components
  • Migrating enclosures and servers into OneView
  • Resolving migration issues
Module 7: Firmware, licensing, and supporting utilities
  • Set up the OneView firmware repository
  • Install driver and firmware updates using HPE Smart Update Tools
  • Update Windows and Linux environments
  • Update VMware environments
  • Update the components managed by HPE OneView
  • Enclosure firmware update best practice scenarios
  • License HPE OneView
  • HPE OneView Services
Module 8: HPE OneView profile management
  • HPE OneView Server Profiles
  • OneView Profile Architecture
  • Server Profile Templates
  • Ethernet Profile Connections
  • Server Profiles and Network Bandwidth
  • Profile Connections – Advanced topics
  • Configure the Boot Order
  • Establish Server Profile BIOS settings
  • Attach to HPE 3PAR Storage Volumes
  • Manage OneView Server Profiles
Module 9: Health and environmental monitoring
  • HPE Remote Support
  • Insight Online
  • Insight Online Data Collections
  • Server health monitoring in OneView
  • iLO status traps and polling
  • Enclosure and server connectivity alerts
  • Server health monitoring with OneView
Module 10: OneView maintenance and troubleshooting
  • Administer OneView user accounts and roles
  • Configure Active directory and manage certificates
  • Capture support dumps
  • Reset the Administrator password
  • Troubleshoot the appliance
  • Update/upgrade the OneView appliance
  • Backup and Restore the appliance
Module 11: Exploring the HPE OneView Global Dashboard
  • Enclosures
  • Server hardware
  • Server profiles
  • Search
  • Converged systems
  • Activity
  • Reports
  • Backup
  • Connecting over WAN
  • Single sign-on to an appliance or iLO
  • Support for HPE 3PAR storage
Module 12: HPE OneView REST API overview
  • Describe the basic concepts of the REST API in OneView
  • Explain the OneView API design goals, resources, and operations
  • Tools and Techniques for Exploring and Troubleshooting HPEOneView APIs
  • Access and use the PowerShell wrapper with theOneView REST API
  • Adapt HPE OneView REST API use case examples

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