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VersaStack UCS Mini Bootcamp (VSBC)

Detailed Course Outline

  • Introduction to VersaStack
  • Cisco Validated Designs and VersaStack worldwide cooperative support
  • Moving from Siloed infrastructures to Private and Public clouds
  • The business benefits of deploying VersaStack
  • Optimising storage utilization in real time with in-line compression
  • Policy-defined Data Migration using IBM EasyTIER
  • Using IBM TurboCompression to manage and virtualize 3rd party storage
  • How to reduce provisioning times by using UCS Service Profiles
  • Using Cisco UCS Director to manage a flexible cloud infrastructure


  • Cisco UCS Manager – Server Provisioning
  • IBM Storwize – SAN and NAS Provisioning
  • Cisco UCS Director - Discovery and Configuration
  • Cisco UCS Director - Monitoring and Statistics
  • Cisco UCS Director – Automation and Orchestration