Cisco Service Provider 5G Technologies Foundations (SPMBL100) – Outline

Detailed Course Outline

Mobile Network Fundamentals

  • 5G Key Use Cases
  • Examining Mobile Network Components

Enabling Technologies for 5G

  • Introduction to 5G NR Characteristics
  • Cloud Radio Access network (RAN)

Cisco 5G NSA Solution

  • 5G NSA Basics
  • 5G NSA StarOS Configurations

Cisco 5G Converged SDN Transport Architecture

  • Cisco 5G Transport Ready Devices
  • Application Awareness and Network Slicing with Segment Routing

Cisco NFV Infrastructure, Cisco Virtualized Network Functions (VNFs), Cisco VIM, and Cisco ESC

  • NFVI and SDN Architecture Overview
  • Cisco VIM Pod Configurations

Cisco Service Provider Automation and Orchestration

  • Telemetry Basics
  • ZTP Fundamentals

Cisco Ultra Cloud Core

  • Cisco Ultra Cloud Core Basics
  • Kubernetes and Docker Fundamentals

5G Ready Distributed DC with Cisco ACI

  • Cisco ACI in Telco Data Centers
  • 5GC Deployment

Mitigating Threats in 5G

  • Introduction to 5G Cybersecurity Risks
  • Mitigating 5G Cybersecurity Risks