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Cisco Optical Technology Intermediate (OPT200)

Detailed Course Outline

Module 1: DWDM Optical Platform Foundation

  • Introducing DWDM Terminology and Components
  • Exploring DWDM Network Topologies
  • Introducing the Management Software and Documentation
  • Using Functional View

Module 2: Chassis and Cards

  • Investigating Chassis and Common Equipment
  • Exploring Controller Cards and the OSC
  • Exploring Add/Drop (Multiplexer/Demultiplexer) Cards
  • Exploring Transponder Cards
  • Exploring Muxponder and Crossponder Cards
  • Exploring Client Port Modules
  • Exploring Amplifier Cards
  • Exploring Tunable Dispersion Compensator Cards, PSM Cards, and Passive Auxiliary Modules

Module 3: Hardware Installation

  • ONS 15454 MSTP Equipment to Rack Mount
  • 15454 M12 Shelf Installation
  • 15454 M6 Shelf Installation
  • NCS 2000 Series Equipment to Rack Mount
  • NCS 2015 Shelf Installation
  • Intrashelf Fiber Connections

Module 4: Node Turn-Up and Circuit Creation

  • Performing Node Turn-Up in Cisco Transport Controller
  • Creating OCHNC Circuits
  • Creating an OCHCC Circuit

Module 5: Node and Multishelf Configurations

  • Exploring DWDM Node Configurations
  • Configuring Multishelf Nodes

Module 6: SMR-Based Rings

  • SMR-Based ROADM Configurations
  • 4-Degree Mesh Using SMR2
  • Viewing SMR-Based Ring Power Levels

Module 7: 10Gb Circuit Protection

  • Exploring 10Gb Circuit Protection Options
  • Investigating Client Protection with Two Signals
  • Configuring Circuit Protection with a Y-Cable
  • Configuring Circuit Protection with Protected Transponders
  • Configuring Circuit Protection with PSMs

Module 8: Any Rate Card Configuration

  • Exploring AR MXP/XP Card Features
  • Investigating Card Modes
  • Exploring Mixed Mode Scenarios
  • Provisioning a Cisco Transport Controller AR_XP Example

Module 9: Raman Amplifiers

  • Introducing Raman Amplifier Theory of Operation
  • Cabling the RAMAN-CTP and -COP Cards
  • Connecting Raman Nodes for Communication
  • Examining Installation Requirements
  • Executing the Raman Day 0 Tune Wizard

Module 10: Maintenance and Basic Troubleshooting

  • Exploring Network Maintenance Features
  • Exploring Node Maintenance Features
  • Exploring Shelf Maintenance Features
  • Exploring Card Maintenance and Performance Features
  • Upgrading Shelves to Release 10.6.2
  • Installing and Managing Licenses
  • Performing Basic Troubleshooting

Lab outline

  • Lab 1: System Setup and Login
  • Lab 2: Node Turn-Up
  • Lab 3: Creating Direct Circuits (OCHNC)
  • Lab 4: Creating Transponder Optical Client Circuits (OCHCC)
  • Lab 5: Configuring an Amplified SMR Ring with Direct Circuits
  • Lab 6: Installing 10Gb Transponder Cards with Y-Cable Protection
  • Lab 7: Configuring PSM and OUT-2 10Gb Protection
  • Lab 8: Configuring Any Rate Cards
  • Lab 9: Configuring a Linear Topology with Raman Amplifiers
  • Lab 10: Maintenance and Performance Monitoring
  • Lab 11: MSTP Troubleshooting