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Cisco Tetration Analytics

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In today’s environment of rapid application deployment and application mobility, network traffic is predominantly east-west, and data centers are becoming increasingly complex. Without full visibility into network traffic, IT has difficulty fully understanding exact application communication patterns and implementing policies between different application tiers.

Cisco Tetration provides pervasive visibility into your data center and cloud environments that was not possible before. By using both hardware and software sensors deployed across the data center infrastructure, Cisco Tetration collects every packet and every flow at every speed. Moreover, Tetration allows you to add third-party configuration data, such as server load-balancing configurations and configuration management database information to the sensors, to increase the solution’s full understanding of your environment. In addition to the granular packet-based telemetry, Cisco Tetration can also collect and maintain inventory about the processes running on each of the servers.

Tetration Analytics Professional Services

One can imagine that architecting, deploying and operating such a solution is not a basic undertaking. If limited skills or resources are preventing your organization from taking full advantage of this new technology, then you may want to consider some of our services to help you benefit the most of Cisco Tetration.

We can help you to:

  • Achieve optimal design for the Cisco Tetration platform and scale
  • Integrate the platform into your production data center environment
  • Define use cases relevant to your business objectives
  • Tune machine learning
  • Validate policies and compliance to improve application and operation performance
  • Increase your team’s knowledge to fully benefit from the value of the Cisco Tetration platform
  • Improve operational performance for your Cisco Tetration platform with ongoing support from experts

On top of that, we can help you to master all products / solutions comprising Cisco's Intent-Based Data Center: