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Cisco Internet of Things (IoT) Training

The Internet of Things is a reality, and Industry 4.0 is gaining traction in manufacturing. The connection of devices, machines, and things allows you to dynamically generate, analyze, and communicate intelligence data, increase operational efficiencies, and power new and greatly improved business models.

Internet of Things (IoT) Training Programs

In this era of hyperconnectivity and the consumerization of IT, whole industries are being disrupted by new, more efficient means of accomplishing business objectives and creating business value. Both IT and business professionals need to align their knowledge and skills to this fast changing world, and Fast Lane is helping forge this path forward with innovative training and enablement programs that help professionals capitalize on the value created by connecting the unconnected to the Internet of Everything.

Internet of Everything Enablement Training

Cisco Networking & Security Basics


Industrial Networks / CCNA Industrial Preparation

Managing Industrial Networks for Manufacturing with Cisco Technologies (IMINS2)

Cisco Learning Services

Managing Industrial Networks with Cisco Networking Technologies (IMINS)

Across all of this business transformation, the intelligent network serves a primary role in supporting the efficient creation of value from data at motion and at rest in the enterprise, supported by data center, cloud and fog compute capabilities. Cisco’s portfolio of solutions create future-proof infrastructure, supporting IT acceleration and innovation for the long haul.

Whether it’s learning about the distributed network use cases supported by Cisco’s Fog Compute Solutions or unlocking the value of IT/OT Convergence in the Utilities Sector, Fast Lane brings real expertise from the field into the classroom. Our instructors design, implement and deliver on IoT solutions across multiple verticals, and can help you unlock the value of “Connecting the Unconnected”.

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Cisco CCNA Industrial

Gain the skills and knowledge you need to successfully implement and troubleshoot the most common industry standard protocols while leveraging best practices needed for todays connected networks.

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Cisco IoT Talent Program

In just 2½ months, we transform talented graduates into certified and highly qualified IoT experts for your company!

IoT Consulting

Our specialists put all their knowledge and skills at your disposal to tailor IoT solutions that meet your most discriminating demands for scalability, availability, security and agility. These smart solutions will help you make sense of the fast-rising mountain of data confronting your firm.

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