Linux System Administration (LPI) (LSA)

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Course Overview

This instructor led Linux System Administration (LPI) training course is designed to teach the key administration, security, networking and performance tasks required on a Linux Enterprise system.

Targeted to closely follow the official LPI curriculum (generic Linux), this course together with the Linux Introduction and the Linux Shell Programming course will enable the delegate to work towards achieving the LPIC-1 qualification.


The Linux System Administration (LPI) training course will teach some of the necessary skills to enable the delegate to work towards achieving the Linux Server Professional LPIC-1, exams LPI 101 and LPI 102 certification.

This course together with the Linux Introduction and the Linux Shell Programming course or the 5 days Linux Fundamentals course covers the major topics required for the LPI 101 & LPI 102 examinations.

Before taking any exam, ensure you have the recommended experience. The LPI website lists all exam requirements and these are updated regularly.

Exams are not included as part of the course.

Who should attend

The Linux System Administration (LPI) training course is suitable for novice Linux System Administrators who need to acquire administration knowledge of the key administrative, networking, performance and security tasks required on Linux within the Enterprise. The typical delegate will be working in an environment using several different Linux distributions and therefore knowledge of skills common to all the different Linux distributions is required. For the purpose of practical exercises, SUSE Linux will be used.

Note: Should the delegate only require knowledge of Red Hat Linux then they should instead consider attending our range of Red Hat Linux Administration courses.


This Linux System Administration (LPI) assumes good knowledge of the Linux operating system in an Enterprise environment to the level covered in the Linux Introduction course.

Knowledge of Linux Shell Programming to the level covered on the Linux Shell Programming course would also be beneficial.

Pre-Requisite Courses

  • Linux Introduction

Course Objectives

On completion of this course the delegate will have technical knowledge of what is required to administer Linux within the Enterprise. They will have gained practical experience of configuring administrative, networking and security aspects of a Linux Enterprise system. The delegate will possess the essential knowledge required to work towards achieving the LPIC-1 qualification.

The delegate will have knowledge in all, and practise in some, of the following:

  • Performing administrative tasks with supplied tools such as YaST.
  • Installing and updating Linux.
  • Listing device information.
  • Managing user and group account information.
  • Managing the Linux file systems.
  • Listing, creating and removing swap space.
  • Managing software packages.
  • System startup/shutdown management.
  • Managing system services.
  • Configuring local and remote printers.
  • Process monitoring and job scheduling.
  • Manage system security with encryption
  • Connecting the server to the network.
  • Managing basic network services (ftp, telnet, ssh etc).
  • Performing local and remote backups.
  • Troubleshooting and responding to boot problems.
  • Manage system logging
Classroom Training

Duration 5 days

Price (excl. VAT)
  • United Kingdom: £ 1,595.-
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