Gigamon Training

As the only Global Premium Training Provider and exclusive content provider for Gigamon, Fast Lane is able to offer you security training on Gigamon’s products that provide active visibility into physical and virtual network traffic leading to improved security and optimized performance.

Our education offerings enable clients to enhance their Security and Network Optimization expertise while simplifying their security architecture and operations. By offering courses specific to various roles, tasks and business outcomes, Fast Lane enables global scaling of knowledge on developing solutions quickly, effectively and securely.

Students are encouraged to take the above courses back-to-back in the same week, which is achieved by attending the following bundle course at a 15% cost savings:

Gigamon® Visibility Fabric™ Overview and Advanced Implementation Bundle (GVFAIBDL)

Who should attend: Anyone interested in learning more about the Gigamon solution – both Channel and End Users. For onsite/private deliveries, these courses can easily be tailored to meet the needs of your own unique environment.

Through our Gigamon training, you will learn about Gigamon’s Visibility Fabric™ and GigaSECURE®. This is the industry’s first Security Delivery Platform that allows you to deliver cutting-edge intelligence so that security, network and application performance management solutions operate more adequately and successfully. Gain the knowledge and skills you need to be confident in the thriving security industry.

  • Customer Engagement Workshop: There are numerous security tools being used by customers for one reason or another to address a wide range of scenarios, leading to various permutations of use cases based on interoperability between these tools. As such, every customer has a unique set of goals, variables and opportunities that need to be explored in order to design and implement the optimal security solution that will detect, contain and remediate security threats. Employing a business canvas model approach, these sessions allows us to model use cases based on your specific business needs and create a proposal for rapid solution/prototyping development for one or more solutions meeting your requirements. The workshop will identify your current pain points, deliver a customized road map with concrete next steps and a detailed outline of resources needed to build your security solution. The workshop also supports the creation of a business case, ROI and value analysis of the proposed solutions.
  • Rapid Prototype Development and Testing: Building from the Customer Engagement Workshop, this engagement delivers a rapidly developed prototype with small scale testing for one of the solutions identified in the roadmap. The resulting product is a technical solution built on the mutually accepted use case, and includes: prototype design, Gigamon cloud and on-premise technologies, sourcing and deployment of third party software technologies as needed, and demonstrating operation of the solution. This working prototype will validate the concepts articulated in the selected use case and capture meaningful data that can be applied to further development and refinement activities.

Fast Lane’s Managed Enablement™ services assist vendors and system integrators in bringing Security and Network Optimization solutions to market, providing a jump start to sales and deployment. These services are augmented by a powerful enablement framework, driving rapid Professional Services practice development for Gigamon’s partners.

Content Development- EXCLUSIVE

Content development for Gigamon is a unique service that is only offered by Fast Lane. With capabilities including content design and development, customization and derivative works and tailored education programs Fast Lane is able to produce highly individualized training content that is focused to help you achieve your technical and business goals. By utilizing our team of Instructional Designers, Project Managers and Subject Matter Experts with years of experience we are capable of developing multi-vendor solutions that cover various technologies and audiences and can be delivered in several formats.

Demand Generation

Demand generation allows you to build and nurture key prospects so they turn into long-term customer relationships. Fast Lane has designed multiple delivery formats allowing you to leverage education as a tool to help your prospects understand the value of new and evolving technologies. Through our webinar series, Seminar as a Service™ solution and Test Drives, you will be able to show your customers how to use emerging technologies to build solutions that support their desired business goals.

Webinar Series
Webinars introduce important technical topics and products and cover their significance and impact on the customer’s business. They are typically less than 2 hours long.

Staff Augmentation

In times when your Professional Services staff is stretched thin, we can help you bridge the gap with our multi-tiered expertise. Many project gaps consist of specialized skills and these can be filled through our staff augmentation service. We will easily fill the additional knowledge and skills required to support your project initiatives. Call on us if you need one or several of our specialists to help fulfill your PS commitments.

Training Delivery Services

Our Training Delivery Services allow you to completely outsource your training programs of any size to us to handle and you will gain the indepth knowledge needed to pass your Gigamon certification. We will take care of every aspect including a customized LMS, customized websites, curriculum management, training paths, scheduling, registration, delivery logistics, delivery environment, course evaluations, instructors, labs, student material, on-demand content, mentoring and more.

Mentoring and Coaching

This service enables your employees to benefit from our experts’ considerable experience, typically as a follow-on engagement to an onsite training event. This supportive effort consists of one or more on-site design and deployment workshops. The purpose of these workshops is to help you deploy new solutions with assistance from our experts in order to optimize your technology investment. You will also gain related knowledge transfer and additional mentoring once the workshops have been completed.


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