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How much capacity do you need?

Wednesday, September 14th, 2016

Over the years storage has continued to evolve as our thirst for saving data has grown.

So from a Drive approach that have been many changes. From the old traditional PATA drives to the faster but small capacity SCSI drives to then having the introduction of the very fast FCAL drives, but again they had limited capacity. The drive manufactures have continued to work with disks and squeeze more space by reducing tolerance and improving the mechanics. Even with that our need for storage space is just growing at an alarming rate. With all that in mind we have seen just over the last 12 months a 10 fold increase in capacities from 400GB to 4TB. Then to add to the equation we have the ongoing development of SSD drives. These run with less power and no moving parts, and what makes them even more astounding is that being Solid State are significantly faster. Spinning drives can potentially give you up to several hundred I/O’s, whereas SSD can give you thousands of I/O’s. NetApp systems are available with 15TB SSDs that are 50% larger than the biggest hard disk drives, with effective capacities that further increase the advantages of flash storage systems over disk. With 32TB SSD drives expected to arrive in 2017, and with flash component suppliers working to drive the price for SSDs lower, it’s only a matter of time until the all-flash data centre becomes a reality.dsc_0117-1


Pete Green
Fast Lane Lead NetApp Expert

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