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IoT is Eating IT—Report Shows Massive Shift of IT Budgets to IoT

Monday, October 10th, 2016


If the Internet of Things hasn’t hit your IT department yet, wait for it. It’s going to very soon.

According to a new report from IoT analyst firm Machina Research, big changes are right around the corner for US enterprise companies. By 2020, IoT is expected to eat up as much as 43% of IT budgets.

Companies across the globe are starting to realize the many strategic benefits of using the IoT to their advantage. Although adoption of these new technologies was slow at first, the pace is heating up quickly, and teams are already preparing their people to maximize use of IoT solutions at their disposal.

A Machina survey from July of 2016 shows that, while only 38% of polled companies are currently leveraging the IoT, 81% say they plan to by the end of 2018. That’s a big shift in only two years.

So where will all this time and money go?

At first, converting legacy processes and resources will be critical. IT professionals will lean heavily on trusted systems integrators (SIs) to provide new solutions that can adeptly take advantage of IoT technologies while also providing a user-friendly experience.

The role of SIs throughout this process is a big one. SIs that can effectively partner with operational technology vendors and service providers will be the ones that break through the complex web of IoT implementation and take a dominating position in the marketplace. And that marketplace will be a big one. Let’s consider the graphic below for a minute.


As you can see, value-added services are poised for huge growth in the coming years. That means that SIs that build competency at multiple layers in the IoT tech stack — rather than just focusing on network hardware and connectivity — stand to gain the most from this budgetary shift.

In short, engaging IoT solutions holistically will put SIs in the best position to cash in on new IT budgets. That means engaging IoT solutions holistically and looking for services opportunities at the device layer, the connectivity layer, and into analytics and application integration.

What does all this mean?

For one, it means that SIs need to develop near, mid, and long-term strategies to attack this new services opportunity. And they need to do it fast. The next phase of connecting unconnected devices and standards working their way out is coming. And with budgets moving over to IoT at such an aggressive pace, there’s really no time to waste.


So as you can see from the information above, the IoT revolution is coming to enterprise workplaces — in the U.S. and across the globe — and the services sector is poised to drive growth and adoption. Are you and your team prepared?

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Davra and Orbiwise to help roll out IoT network nationwide across Ireland

Wednesday, September 7th, 2016


Fast Lane are proud to announce that our IoT partner Davra Networks have won a contract to work alongside Swiss firm Orbiwise to work with the Connect Centre at Trinity College Dublin to roll out their  internet of things (IoT) network nationwide.

Orbiwise is to supply network management software for the network while Davra Networks will provide the platform for application enablement and data management.

The IoT is the generic term generally used to describe a world in which everyday items are connected to the internet. Gartner estimates that some 21 billion devices will be connected by 2020 with a global economic impact measured in trillions of dollars.

“Davra Networks and Orbiwise are significant global IoT influencers. Davra’s RuBAN recently won best overall platform at the IoT Evolution expo in Las Vegas while the spectral efficiency of Orbiwise’s UbiQ LPWAN platform is very impressive. These innovative technologies are ideal for the Pervasive Nation network as we create the IoT future here in Ireland,” said Prof Linda Doyle, director of Connect.

For more information around Davra click here:

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