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Relayr IoT Enablement

Digitalize your company by building IoT solutions and expertise!

Digitalization and IoT - the next industrial revolution - have already begun to have a significant impact on the way businesses run today. The benefits of smarter equipment and assets can be seen in every area, from operational efficiencies and cost reductions to new business models for incremental revenue. In this new world, your organization’s business model is at stake. Your biggest competitor is … doing nothing.

However, the availability of secure, scalable IoT solutions that address complex ecosystems quickly and cost-effectively is hard to find and developing those solutions internally is a daunting challenge. With relayr’s protocol agnostic middleware platform and unique 5-4-3 innovation process and Fast Lane’s complete portfolio of enablement services and education, businesses have the resources at their fingertips to overcome these challenges and develop solutions for their digital business needs.

relayr is the company for the digital transformation of industries; a global IoT leader providing a device, hardware, and sensor-agnostic enterprise middleware platform, along with powerful, simple-to-use tools such as industrial retrofit kits which enable fast and cost effective prototyping of new solutions, equipment, and services for the Internet of Things. The comprehensive portfolio of relayr and Fast Lane empowers customers to unleash data from unconnected legacy and new devices, enables ecosystem partners to identify IoT market opportunities early, develop their pipeline and deliver solutions to customers across all industries.

Our education offerings enable ecosystem partners to enhance their IoT expertise and accelerate market opportunities across all industries. By offering educational tracks specific to all job roles, relayr and Fast Lane enable global scaling of knowledge on developing real-world IoT solutions quickly, effectively and securely.

relayr Sales Enablement Training
relayr Design & Implementation Training
  • relayr IoT Solutions Design (Solution Architect) - Coming Soon!
  • relayr IoT Solution Implementation (Field Engineer) - Coming Soon!
  • relayr IoT Solution Implementation (Developer) - Coming Soon!
relayr Post-Implementation Training
  • relayr Remote Asset Management Administrator Course - Coming Soon!
  • relayr Remote Asset Management Optimizing and Troubleshooting - Coming Soon!
IoT Program Development
  • Hackathons: Do you want your existing operations equipment to be connected and unleashing relevant data; making your new products smart; or prototyping a Digital/IoT solution? Get help from the industry experts at relayr and Fast Lane, who have delivered exciting hackathons to enable many of our customers to do exactly that. We pair IoT experts from our ecosystem, your company’s designers, developers, hardware technicians, and (optionally) makers for 2-5 full days to hack a solution.

    See below how BSH (Bosch Siemens Home Appliances) and relayr are using Hackathons to create the latest smart home appliances:
  • IoT Use Case Workshops: Based on a unique business canvas model approach, our experts deliver a customized workshop and ideation session. This allows us to model use cases based on your specific business needs and create a proposal for rapid solution/prototyping development for one or more solutions meeting your requirements. The workshop will identify your current pain points, deliver a customized road map with concrete next steps and a detailed outline of resources needed to build your IoT solution. The workshop also supports the creation of a business case, ROI and value analysis of the proposed solutions.
  • Rapid Prototype Development and Testing: Building from the Customer Engagement Workshop, this engagement delivers a rapidly developed prototype with small scale testing for one of the solutions identified in the roadmap. The resulting product is a technical solution built on the mutually accepted use case, and includes: prototype design, relayr cloud and edge/fog technologies, sourcing and deployment of different connected sensor modules, third party software technologies as needed, and demonstrating connectivity to an application or a custom IoT dashboard. This working prototype will validate the concepts articulated in the selected use case and capture meaningful data that can be applied to further development and refinement activities.

Jump Start Sales and Deployment

Fast Lane’s Managed Enablement™ services assist vendors and system integrators in bringing IoT solutions powered by relayr Networks to market, providing a jump start to sales and deployment. These services are augmented by a powerful enablement framework, driving rapid IoT practice development for vendors and System Integrators.

  • IoT Awareness Webinars: Fast Lane and relayr have collaborated to produce awareness webinars addressing various use cases relevant to the IoT Asset Management solution, customizable to meet your particular vertical targets and go-to-market approach. Fast Lane’s expert facilitators work with you to tailor the message and then deliver the webinar authoritatively, representing your organization. Awareness webinars help generate interest with your customers as they just begin their IoT Journey and opens their minds to unimagined opportunities.
  • IoT Roadshow: Fast Lane experts bring your IoT solution message to your customers through a roadshow program, typically 1 day in length (business decision makers typically attend the morning session while technical decision makers typically attend the morning and the afternoon session). The roadshow deliveries are tailored to your customers business and technical decision-makers and focus on connecting solutions capabilities to common customers’ care-abouts and desired business outcomes. They demonstrate how connecting remote assets saves money and time through predictive analytics, provides visibility with real-time sensor-level awareness, and extends the life, value and performance of the asset.
  • IoT Test Drive: Fast Lane’s IoT Test Drive program is an essential component of our sales acceleration services, allowing vendors, resellers and system integrators to demonstrate the value proposition and ROI of IoT solutions to their key customer accounts. A Test Drive (or proof of concept event) provides technical decision makers with a deep-dive learning experience that focuses on a specific IoT solution addressing a particular vertical use case. After attending the relayr Asset Management Test Drive, most if not all of your customer’s questions and concerns will have been answered and your customers will have an appreciation of the operational and business value that can be achieved by implementing a specific set of solutions. In other words, a Test Drive is a means of closing sales through learning.
  • IoT Customer Engagement Workshop: In case the solution / use case for a particular customer is not that obvious, our Customer Engagement Workshop can be used to map the relayr IoT solution portfolio to your customer’s particular needs, use cases and business realities. The workshop identifies your customer’s current pain points and clearly connects the value the customer is looking to create to the capabilities of the relayr solution portfolio. We help your customers’ various stakeholders align desired business outcomes and demonstrate how a relayr IoT Asset Management solution will meet their requirements, including ROI and proof of value analysis.
  • IoT Mentored Install: This service is a special derivative of staff augmentation. It consists of one or more on-site design and deployment workshops including related knowledge transfer and additional mentoring once the workshops have been completed. The purpose of these workshops is to help you deploy relayr Asset Management solutions with expert assistance in a controlled (mentored) environment thus optimizing your investment in technology, time to deploy and effectiveness of the implementation. The service is an essential part of Managed Enablement™ as it helps to jump start deployment once the sale has been booked.
  • IoT Pros 4 Hire / Staff Augmentation: Fast Lane experts in all geographic regions are here to support critical parts of your IoT Solution Sales Cycle. This includes Account Managers (AM), Pre-Sales Engineers (SE) and Solution Architects (SA) trained at selling and designing relayr IoT Asset Management solutions. Whatever the gap, we apply deep experience and passion to help you close the deal and bring the value of IoT to your customers.