Our lead Security Subject Matter Expert Gabriel Bryson speaks to us about Palo Alto

As security professionals, we know the world of cyber and the threat landscape changes literally by the minute. Traditional point in time security, which a couple of years ago was pretty effective, does not stand a chance of preventing the modern sophisticated malware we encounter today, the cold fact is that they are getting through into the network, some going unnoticed for many months, and cyber-attacks are becoming more malicious, costing industry millions.

Palo Alto Networks actively participate in cyber readiness testing. Each year, they participate in critical exercises and related activities, two of which include this year’s Cyber Security Challenge UK, On the HMS Belfast in London, where teams compete to test their cyber savviness. The UK is prioritizing cyber, ensuring not only government but businesses throughout the UK can maintain the security of their infrastructure. Backed by GCHQ.

In the U.S., hosted by immixGroup, “Cyber Operations Tools: Stemming the Threat through I.T.” enables U.S. government agencies to train on the current and cutting edge cyber security tools available. With the need to identify and thwart intrusive attacks, training on what is already available to help them do just that is critical. Pacific Endeavour and Combined Endeavour, which exercise the world’s militaries for communications’ readiness, also include a cybersecurity component to understand where we’re vulnerable – across the world’s defenses – and address the issues.

But that is at the government level, what about the corporate world, who must maintain their cyber readiness skills in meaningful ways, from ongoing education plans to testing. If you’re a CIO or CISO, what are you doing to ensure that all of your teams who have an impact on the security of your network and data have the skills that they need? And are you ensuring those skills are in place across host, data center and cloud, SCADA infrastructure and the entire network that potentially touches the public domain? How do your professionals maintain that skillset on an ongoing basis? Don’t forget the people component to your programs.

Palo Alto Networks arm customers with the very latest cutting-edge technology they can use today to control, analyse and prevent attacks by today’s modern cyber threats, using an intuitive, state of the art packet inspection technology used in their complete firewall range, giving industry the tools necessary to prevent legacy as well as day zero attacks.


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