JavaScript Web Development (JSWD)

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Course Overview

The JavaScript Web Development course provides a core understanding of the JavaScript programming language and supporting libraries. In a practical, hands-on environment, delegates work with JavaScript in a browser environment to compose and manipulate web aspects and components using a variety of techniques.

Who should attend

The JavaScript course is aimed at Web Developers and Designers that require a core understanding of the use of JavaScript in web development.


An understanding of web markup languages (HTML, XHTML) is a requirement, as JavaScript will be presented in conjunction with web markup and interact with page elements. Programming experience would be advantageous. While not a specific requirement, it would be beneficial if delegates had some exposure to either a procedural or object oriented language and have sufficient core understanding of programming structures and concepts.

Pre-Requisite Courses


Course Objectives

Delegates will gather a core understanding of the practical application of the JavaScript language and common libraries in a web context. The core of the language is the main concern, introducing the major features of web programming such as the DOM, browsers, user interaction and working in a browser environment in order to provide a grounding in the major aspects of JavaScript web development.

  • Using the core JavaScript language
  • Using functions and Objects
  • Controlling Windows
  • Using the W3C DOM
  • Timing JavaScript
  • Handling JavaScript events
  • Debugging JavaScript
  • Asynchronous techniques using AJAX/AHAH/JAH
  • Using libraries, such as jQuery
  • Introduction to other JavaScript libraries
Classroom Training
Modality: G

Duration 3 days

Price (excl. VAT)
  • United Kingdom: £ 1,130.-
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