What’s new in z/OS 2.1? (WNZOS)

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Course Overview

This workshop will discuss the key new features and enhancements in z/OS V2.1 including the most critical installation and migration issues.

Who should attend

Experienced z/OS Systems Programmers and experienced personnel from the wider z Engineering community.

Course Objectives

After attending this workshop, you should be able to list and implement the key enhancements in z/OS V2R1 including:

  • Hardware related exploitation such as Flash Express, RoCE, and zEDC, Transaction Execution Facility (TXF), zIIP/zAAP ratios and Large Page Support
  • BCP enhancements e.g. Generic Tracker, System Symbols, DYNCPADD, PARMLIB, Dynamic VLF , BCPii,
  • Diagnostic improvements such as ZAD and HIS
  • Health Checker enhancements
  • Performance related updates to WLM new classification groups, SMF (new SMF30 counters), RMF and GRS
  • Parallel Sysplex related enhancements such as Serial structure rebuild and Logger offload and sizing
  • JES related enhancements such as Job usage of System Symbols, JOBCLASS extensions, and SDSF improvements
  • ISPF, TSO and REXX enhancements
  • z/OS Unix improvements, including zFS
  • DFSMS elements (ICF Catalog improvements, PDSE constraint issues, storage hierarchy feature and Parallel Batch Recall)
  • RACF Security (FSACCESS, RRSF over TCP/IP, Jobclass)
Classroom Training
Modality: C

Duration 1 day

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