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NADCX Data Center Boot Camp (NADCX6.2)


Who should attend

The primary audience for this course is as follows:

  • Data Center Engineer
  • Network Administrators
  • Network Engineers
  • System Administrator
  • Systems engineers
  • Network Designer
  • Consulting Systems Engineer
  • Technical Solutions Architect


The learner is expected to have the following skills and knowledge before attending this course:

  • Good understanding of networking protocols
  • Good understanding of the VMware environment
  • Basic computer literacy
  • Basic knowledge of Microsoft Windows operating systems
  • Basic Internet usage skills

Students are also expected to have CCNA R&S or equivalent knowledge prior to attending this class

Course Objectives

  • Describe the Data Center Network Architectures
  • Describe the Cisco Nexus Product Family and the Cisco NX-OS
  • Describe Storage Connectivity Options in the Data Center
  • Describe Fibre Channel Storage Networking
  • Describe VSANs
  • Describing Communication Between Initiator and Target
  • Describing Fibre Channel Zone Types and Their Uses
  • Describing Cisco NPV Mode and NPIV
  • Describing Data Center Ethernet Enhancements and Fibre Channel over Ethernet
  • Describe switch and machine virtualization
  • Describe network virtualization, including overlays, virtual switches, and the Cisco Nexus 1000V solution
  • Describe Cisco FabricPath and Cisco Fabric Extender (FEX) connectivity
  • Describe Ethernet port channels and virtual port channels (vPC) and Cisco Unified Fabric
  • Identify Cisco UCS components
  • Describe Cisco UCS organizational hierarchy and role-based access control (RBAC)
  • Describe how to deploy servers in Cisco UCS
  • Describe the purpose and advantages of application programming interfaces (API)
  • Describe cloud computing basic concepts
  • Describe Cisco UCS Director, its functional blocks and deployment models
  • Describe Cisco UCS Director Orchestration features: policies, virtual data centers, workflows, and catalogs
  • Describe Cisco ACI, traffic forwarding through the Cisco ACI fabric, as well as programming and orchestration capabilities
  • Explain traffic forwarding mechanisms in Cisco ACI
  • Describe programmability and orchestration capabilities of Cisco AC

Course Content

The CCNADCX Boot Camp prepares the students for the Cisco CCNA Data Center certification and for associate-level data centre roles. The course covers foundational knowledge, skills, and technologies, including networking technologies, data centre storage networking, data centre physical infrastructure, data centre network virtualization, unified computing, data centre automation and orchestration, and Cisco Application Centric Infrastructure (ACI). The training provided is focused on data centre basic operations covering the topics needed for todays demanding associate-level positions. The hands-on lab exercises focus on configuring features in Cisco NX-OS Software, Cisco Unified Computing System (UCS) and Cisco UCS Director.

Classroom Training

Duration 5 days

Price (excl. VAT)
  • United Kingdom: £ 3,995.-