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Symantec Control Compliance Suite (CCS) 11.0: Administration (SCCS)

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Detailed Course Outline

Module1: Introduction to CCS 11.0

  • Overview of Security and Compliance
  • Proactive Security
  • Into to CCS11
  • Implementing Security and Compliance with CCS 11.0

Module 2: Installing the CCS Suite

  • General pre-deployment considerations
  • Pre-installation requirements
  • Installation tasks

Module 3: Initial configuration

  • Getting started tasks
  • Preparing for data collection

Module 4: Getting started with CCS 11.0

  • Importing assets
  • Installing a UNIX Agent
  • Collecting and evaluating data

Module 5: Standards Manager/CVSS and Risk Score

  • Working with standards
  • Assessing compliance with standards
  • Managing exceptions

Module 6: Controls Studio

  • About Controls Studio
  • Working with Controls Studio

Module 7: Ad hoc queries

  • Query building
  • Querying your enterprise

Module 8: External data integration

  • Connecting to external data sources
  • Overview of third-party connectors

Module 9: Reporting and dashboards

  • Reporting overview
  • Working with dynamic dashboards

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