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Symantec Client Management Suite 7.5: Implementation (CMSI)

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Detailed Course Outline

Course Introduction

  • Course objectives
  • Course overview
  • Lab environment introduction

Understanding SMP and CMS

  • Introducing the platform
  • Learning about the SMP\CMS components
  • Platform concepts
  • How the platform works


  • Assess and Design
  • Hardware Recommendations
  • Supported operating systems
  • Implementing CMS

Installing Client Management Suite

  • Hardware requirements
  • Software requirements
  • Installing CMS
  • Planning for a Migration or Upgrade

Using the Symantec Management Console

  • Accessing the Symantec Management Console
  • First time configuration
  • Getting to know the Console
  • Configuring the NS after installation
  • Configuring CMS after installation
  • Getting to know the enhanced console views

Discovering resources

  • Introducing resource discovery methods
  • Importing resources from AD
  • Discovering network resources using Network Discovery
  • Importing resources using Data Connector
  • Discovering computers using domain resource discovery

Organizational Views and Groups

  • Learning about organizational views and groups
  • Creating and populating custom organizational views and groups
  • Managing organizational views and groups

Install and configure the agents

  • Managing computers with the Symantec Management Agent
  • Installing the Symantec Management Agent
  • Overview of the solution plug-ins
  • Installing the solution plug-ins
  • First time setup
  • Verifying the solution plug-ins are installed
  • Uninstalling the solution plug-ins
  • Upgrading the solution plug-ins
  • Understanding how communication works between the agents, NS, and site servers
  • Understanding Maintenance Windows

Filters and Targets

  • Introducing resource filters
  • Managing and working with filters
  • Creating and modifying filters
  • Introducing targets
  • Working with targets


  • Getting to know policies
  • Understanding user-based policies
  • Understanding how the agent receives policies
  • Configuring automation policies
  • Managing shared schedules

Tasks and Jobs

  • Overview of task management
  • Creating and scheduling tasks and jobs
  • Task management communication and processing


  • About security
  • Creating and configuring security roles
  • Assigning privileges to security roles
  • Creating and configuring user accounts
  • Adding members to a security role
  • Assigning security permissions to folders and items
  • About predefined roles


  • About reports
  • Using and creating reports
  • Configuring IT Analytics (ITA)
  • Creating reports using ITA
  • Creating custom reports

Site Management

  • About site services
  • About site maintenance
  • Managing sites and site servers
  • Assigning a site to a site server
  • Managing agents and subnets
  • Configuring package service settings
  • Configuring task service settings

Cloud-enabled Management (CeM)

  • About Cloud-enabled Management (CeM)
  • Preparing your environement for CeM
  • Setting up CeM


  • Understanding replication
  • Setting up and configuring replication
  • Running replication


  • Understanding hierarchy
  • Setting up a Notification Server hierarchy
  • Configuring hierarchy replication
  • Changing the hierarchy topology


  • Learning about platform troubleshooting tools
  • Using NSConfigrator
  • Using Remote Altiris Agent Diagnostics
  • Real-time System Manager
  • Troubleshooting the Symantec Management Agent
  • SSE Tools - Chevron

Backing up the server and database

  • Symantec Management Platform components needed for recovery
  • Backing up the IIS default web site virtual directories
  • Backing up the Configuration Management Database (CMDB)
  • Backing up core settings and configuration
  • Cryptography Keys


  • About Migration
  • Readiness Checklist
  • Post installation checklist
  • Migration scenarios

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