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Camel Development with Red Hat JBoss Fuse + EX421 (JB422)

Detailed Course Outline

Module 1: Introduction to Camel

  • Understand when to use Camel, the main components in Camel's architecture, and the EIP implemented by Camel

Module 2: Developing Camel applications using Maven and Fuse IDE

  • Create Camel projects using Maven

Module 3: Transforming data format in Camel

  • Transform data formats in Camel during route processing

Module 4: Using beans

  • Work with Spring facilities to invoke Camel applications

Module 5: Key Camel components

  • Customize the default endpoint available in Camel to support special use cases

Module 6: Testing Camel applications

  • Create test cases using Camel and Spring facilities

Module 7: Managing errors

  • Manage errors generated during route processing in Camel to support retries and alternative route processing

Module 8: Threading and transactions

  • Improve performance in Camel applications using multi-threaded routes

Module 9: Integrating Camel and Fabric

  • Use Camel Fabric to manage large deployment use cases

Module 10: Developing custom Camel components

  • Create Camel components according to customers' needs

Module 11: Camel review

  • Review what you've learned about Camel