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Oracle WebLogic Server 11g Administration Essentials (OCWLS11GAE)

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Detailed Course Outline

Introduction to Oracle Fusion Middleware

Installing Oracle WebLogic Server Components

Introduction to Administration Console and other Administration Tools

  • Introduction to WLST
  • Introduction to the GUI Interface

Configuring a WebLogic Server Domain

  • Configuring Administration Servers
  • Configuring Managed Servers
  • Configuring Machines
  • Configuring Node Managers

Managing and Using Logging in Oracle WebLogic Server

  • Deploying Applications
  • Deploying Libraries
  • Deploying Web Applications
  • Deploying Versioned Applications

Deploying EJBs

  • Setting Up Data Sources
  • Setting up JDBC Drivers
  • Setting up Connection Pools
  • Viewing JNDI Trees

Configuring JMS Applications

  • JMS Topics
  • JMS Queues

Configuring Basic Security for Oracle WLS Resources and Applications

Configuring Oracle HTTP Server as Front End for Oracle WebLogic Server

Configuring Oracle WebLogic Cluster

  • Configuring HTTP Session Failover
  • Configuring JDBC Replication

Managing Backup and Recovery

  • Online Backup and Recovery
  • Offline Backup and Recovery
  • Full Backup and Recovery
  • Incremental Backup and Recovery

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