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Implementing Microsoft Azure Infrastructure Solutions (20533)

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Detailed Course Outline

Module 1: Introduction to Azure
  • Cloud Technology Overview
  • Microsoft Azure
  • Azure Portals
  • Managing Azure with Windows PowerShell
Module 2: Implementing and Managing Virtual Networks
  • Planning Virtual Networks
  • Administering Virtual Networks
  • Inter-Site Connectivity
Module 3: Implement Virtual Machines
  • Planning Virtual Machine Workloads
  • Using the Microsoft Assessment and Planning Toolkit for Azure
  • Creating Virtual Machines
Module 4: Managing Virtual Machines
  • Configuring Virtual Machines
  • Managing and Monitoring Virtual Machines
Module 5: Implementing Websites
  • Planning for Website Deployment
  • Deploying Websites
  • Configuring Websites
  • Monitoring Websites and WebJobs
  • Traffic Manager
Module 6: Planning and Implementing Storage
  • Planning Storage
  • Implementing and Managing Storage
  • Backing up and Monitoring Storage
Module 7: Planning and Implementing Data Services
  • Data Services in Microsoft Azure
  • Implementing Azure SQL Database
  • Managing Azure SQL Database Security
  • Monitoring Azure SQL Database
  • Managing Azure SQL Database Business Continuity
Module 8: Implementing Cloud Services and Mobile Services
  • Planning for Cloud Service Deployment
  • Deploying Packages
  • Configuring Cloud Services
  • Implementing Mobile Services
  • Monitoring and Diagnostics
Module 9: Implementing Content Delivery Networks and Media Services
  • Implementing Azure Content Delivery Networks
  • Publishing Content with Azure Media Services
Module 10: Implementing Azure Active Directory
  • Creating and Managing Azure Directories
  • Configuring Application Integration with Azure Active Directory
  • Overview of Azure Active Directory Premium
Module 11: Managing Active Directory in a Hybrid Environment
  • Extending On-Premises Active Directory into Azure
  • Directory Synchronization
  • Implementing Federation
Module 12: Implementing Automation
  • Overview of Automation Components
  • PowerShell Workflows
  • Managing Automation
  • Navigating the Portals
  • Installing and Using Windows Azure PowerShell
  • Planning Hosting in Azure
  • Designing the Sub-Nets
  • Creating the Virtual Network
  • Connecting the Virtual Networks
  • Validating Connectivity
  • Configuring a Point-to-Site VPN
  • Planning Virtual Machines
  • Deploying Windows Virtual Machines
  • Deploying Linux Virtual Machines
  • Configuring Virtual Machine Storage
  • Exploring Availability
  • Creating Websites
  • Deploying a Website
  • Managing Websites
  • Implementing Traffic Manager
  • Creating and Configuring Storage
  • Using Azure File Storage
  • Protecting Data with Azure Backup
  • Configuring Azure SQL Database
  • Migrating a Database to SQL Database
  • Restoring a Database
  • Deploying a Cloud Service
  • Configuring Cloud Services Networking
  • Monitoring Cloud Services
  • Configuring a Content Delivery Network
  • Adding Content to the Source Service
  • Creating a Media Services Account and Upload Content
  • Publishing and Scaling Media Content
  • Accessing Content Delivery Network and Media Services Content
  • Administering Active Directory
  • Configuring Single Sign-On
  • Determining Integration Requirements
  • Synchronizing Directories
  • Configuring Automation Accounts
  • Creating Runbooks

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