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HP Insight Control Server Provisioning (HL974)

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Detailed Course Outline

Module 1: HP Insight Control server provisioning
  • Describe what ICsp is
  • List and describe ICsp appliance features
  • List ICsp appliance requirements, including Microsoft Windows-based Media Server, WinPE and HP ProLiant target server requirements (G6 and G7 and Gen8)
  • List the supported browsers

Module 2: Setting up the ICsp appliance
  • Explain how to deploy the ICsp appliance on a VMware ESXi host
  • Configure the ICsp appliance network after the first login
  • Configure DHCP on the appliance
  • Add Microsoft product keys to the ICsp appliance
  • Configure the Media Server using the HP ICsp Media Server setup utility
  • Generate and upload WinPE to the appliance

Module 3: Using the ICsp appliance
  • Discover and add servers to ICsp by using PXE and non-PXE methods
  • Use ICsp OS Build Plans for server provisioning

Module 4: Migrating data from RDP to ICsp
  • Describe the RDP migration process
  • List requirements for using the RDP Migration Utility for automated migration processes
  • Explain how to use the RDP Migration Utility to migrate RDP-managed target servers to ICsp
  • Explain how to use the RDP Migration Utility to locate, copy, and convert the RDP-based Hardware Configuration Files and Operating System Answer Files for use with ICsp
  • Explain how to use RDP Migration Utility to locate, export, and convert RDP-based “Run Script” tasks and the Shell script files available for use with ICsp
  • Describe how images created with RDP can be migrated to ICsp

Module 5: HP Insight Control server provisioning maintenance and troubleshooting
  • Maintain an ICsp appliance
  • Use a support dump file for troubleshooting
  • Resolve some common issues while working with ICsp


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