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HP Matrix Operating Environment: Infrastructure Orchestration Integration (HK916)

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Detailed Course Outline

Module 1: Introduction to infrastructure orchestration
  • HP Matrix OE Overview
  • HP Matrix OE infrastructure orchestration
  • Integrating IO with other services
  • Managing IO services
  • Getting started with HP Matrix OE

Module 2: Configuring and using infrastructure orchestration
  • Configuring your lab environment
  • Administrator tasks
  • Configuring an organization
  • Setting up IO server pools
  • Configuring other pool resources
  • IO Template Design
  • Managing a failed service request
  • Troubleshooting a service request

Module 3: IO Integration Architecture
  • IO Integration Interfaces
  • IO chargeback features
  • Extensible Server Adapter

Module 4: Introduction to Operations Orchestration Workflows
  • Operations Orchestration Overview
  • OO Studio User Interface

Module 5: Authoring Your First Workflow
  • Authoring your first workflow

Module 6: Creating Workflows for infrastructure orchestration
  • IO workflow integration architecture
  • IO workflow structure
  • Creating an IO workflow
  • Extracting information from the RequestXML input
  • Modifying the workflow
  • Using XSLT

Module 7: IO Cloudmap Solution
  • Cloudmap Solution Components
  • Cloudmap Workflow Logic
  • Installing a Cloudmap Solution


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