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HP Insight Control: Management Fundamentals (HK756)

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Detailed Course Outline

Module 1: Tour the Product
  • Describe HP Insight Control and HP Systems Insight Manager
  • Identify how to find the new features included with HP Insight Control and HP Systems Insight Manager
  • Describe the features of the products and how each feature can be used to manage remote systems
  • List the components and applications that are required to manage a system.
  • Identify availability of software
  • Identify product resources
  • Describe warranty support for Windows, Linux and HP-UX

Module 2: Systems Management Review
  • Define system management
  • Identify key systems management essential elements
  • List Integrated Lights-Out management capabilities and related components
  • State SmartStart components implemented for ProLiant management
  • Describe Smart Update Manager functionality for firmware and driver updates
  • Compare and contrast ProLiant Support Pack components and management tools
  • List Insight Management Agents
  • Troubleshoot agent issues
  • Operate System Management Homepage as a server based management information aggregator
  • Identify WBEM capabilities and components
  • Describe role of WMI and interaction with WBEM
  • Define Version Control components and capabilities
  • Operate Version Control Agent and Repository

Module 3: Version Control and Software Deployment
  • Describe the version control architecture
  • List the requirements for installing the software repository
  • Configure the software repository
  • Describe the tasks used to update a managed system
  • List the steps in migrating version control to the System Management Homepage (SMH)

Module 4: Typical Installation
  • List the installation activities
  • Locate the steps for installing HP Insight Control on a Central
  • Management Server (CMS)
  • Describe when the WMI mapper is needed and how to configure it
  • Describe how to upgrade a previous installation of HP Systems Insight Manager
  • List the steps to remove an HP Systems Insight Manager installation

Module 5: Setup and Configuration
  • Describe and configure the home page
  • Describe how to create and assign user rights
  • Describe how to setup up discovery
  • Navigate the system pages for managed systems
  • Describe how to customize status polling
  • Describe how to configure event notification

Module 6: HP BladeSystem Integrated Manager
  • Describe the features and benefits of HP BladeSystem Integrated Manager
  • Describe changes and what is new in HP BladeSystem Integrated Manager
  • Explain how to use BladeSystem Integrated Manager

Module 7: Using Tasks, Collections, Tools and Events
  • Explain how tasks can be used to manage a remote system
  • Understand how collections can be used to filter and organize systems
  • Describe how tools are created and launched
  • Identify how events are generated and managed

Module 8: Reports
  • Describe the process for accessing reports
  • Describe processes for managing reports
  • Identify Enhanced reporting capabilities

Module 9: Audit Log
  • Describe the audit logging feature
  • Access the audit log
  • Manage the audit log
  • List support resources

Module 10: Use and Maintain Storage Components
  • Identify the storage management components of HP Systems Insight
  • Manager
  • Describe the information that is available using System Pages
  • Identify the collections that are available for organizing storage
  • Understand the reporting functionality of storage components
  • Identify the steps necessary for device discovery

Module 11: Database and MIBs
  • List the HP Systems Insight Manager database management tasks
  • Define the capabilities of the System Type Manager
  • Describe the components and of use the Management Information Bases (MIB) importing and compiling tools in HP Systems Insight Manager

Module 12: HP Analysis Tools
  • Describe the purpose of the WBEM health polling plug-in
  • Describe the function of each of the HP analysis tools
  • Describe the integration of the HP analysis tools with HP Insight Control

Module 13: Troubleshooting
  • Describe the basics of troubleshooting
  • Identify solutions for many common HP Systems Insight Manager problems

Appendix A (Lecture): Introducing ProLiant Generation 8


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