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Deploying NonStop SOAP 4 (HK293)

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Detailed Course Outline

Module 1 - Introduction to NonStop SOAP

  • SOAP overview and features
  • Apache Axis2 overview
  • Compatibility
  • Migrating to NonStop SOAP

Module 2 - NonStop SOAP Architecture

  • NonStop SOAP requirements
  • High level architectural view
  • SOAP message structure
  • Request processing flows

Module 3 - Installing NonStop SOAP 4

  • Installation prerequisites
  • Installation overview
  • Setting up a deployment environment
  • Running NonStop SOAP

Module 4 - Pathway as a Web Service

  • How Pathway is web service oriented
  • Benefits of Pathway as a web service
  • Pathway in a NonStop SOAP 4 environment

Module 5 - Exposing Pathway Servers as Services Using NonStop SOAP 4

  • Steps required to take an existing Pathway serverclass and expose it as a web service using NonStop SOAP 4

Module 6 - Exposing Pathway Servers as Services Using Axis2

  • Steps required to take an existing Pathway serverclass and expose it as a web service using Axis2

Module 7 - NonStop SOAP Programmatic APIs

  • Service APIs for developing DLL-based services

Module 8 - NonStop SOAP Transaction Management

  • SOAP server and client transaction management
  • Session management transactions

Module 9 - NonStop SOAP Contract First Design

  • Introduce designing NonStop SOAP services using a contract-first pattern
  • Introduce the tools required
  • Compare Pathway and non-Pathway services

Module 10 - NonStop SOAP Digital Signatures

  • Explain what digital signatures are
  • Introduce the use of digital signatures

Module 11 - NonStop SOAP Migrating from 3.0

  • Describe the requirements for migration from NonStop SOAP 3
  • Describe the process of migrating from NonStop SOAP 3

Module 12 - NonStop SOAP SDL

  • The SDL basics and elements
  • The SDR
  • The SOAPAdminCL tool

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