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HP Integrity Superdome X Administration (H8P04)

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Detailed Course Outline

Introduction and Architecture

  • HP Integrity Superdome X configurations and architecture
  • HP Integrity Superdome X server main components
  • HP Integrity Superdome X and HP Integrity Superdome 2 difference

Using Superdome 2 Onboard Administrator

  • Accessing Superdome 2 (SD2) Onboard Administrator
  • Using the SD2 OA GUI
  • Using the SD2 OA CLI
  • Saving and restoring configuration
  • Scripting with the SD2 OA
  • Using the Insight display
  • Resources

Using the UEFI

  • Accessing the Unified Extensible Firmware Interface (UEFI)
  • UEFI front page menu
  • Using UEFI system utilities menus
  • Using the UEFI shell
  • Using the iLO 4 CLI
  • Resources

Partition Administration

  • Partitions in HP Integrity Superdome X systems
  • Managing nPartitions
  • Using the archive store
  • Resources

Appendix A - Superdome 2 Onboard Administrator CLI Command Summary

Appendix B - UEFI Command Summary


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