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HP CloudSystem Foundation (H4C05)

Detailed Course Outline

Module 1: Course Overview

  • HP CloudSystem Foundation course overview
  • Course schedule
  • Next steps

Module 2: HP CloudSystem v8.0 Overview

  • HP CloudSystem v8.0 Overview
  • HP CloudSystem v8.0 Features
  • HP CloudSystem v8.0 Architecture
  • HP CloudSystem v8.0 Solution Overview
  • HP CloudSystem v8.0 Enterprise

Module 3: OpenStack Overview

  • History of OpenStack
  • OpenStack high-level architecture
  • OpenStack conceptual architecture
  • Basic OpenStack physical components
  • OpenStack UI and API interfaces

Module 4: HP CloudSystem Foundation

  • CloudSystem v8.0 network architecture
  • CloudSystem v8.0 management hypervisor hardware and storage requirements
  • CloudSystem v8.0 software offerings
  • CloudSystem v8.0 solution offerings
  • CloudSyetm v8.0 licensing
  • CloudSystem v8.0 software services

Module 5: Installation and configuration overview

  • Prepare for CloudSystem v8.0 installation
  • Configure management hypervisors network
  • Install CloudSystem v8.0 using csstart utility

Lab 0: HPVL training environment

  • Accessing HP Virtual Lab training environment

Lab 1: Installing CloudSystem8

  • Configure networking on ESXi management node for CloudSystem8
  • Create cluster for ESXi management host
  • Import CloudSystem8 appliance OVA
  • Install CloudSysetm8 using csstart.exe on windows

Lab 2: CloudSystem Configuring Networking

  • Configure management network
  • Configure provider networks and subnets
  • Configure VLANs for private networks
  • Add subnet to external network

Module 6: Adding a Compute Node

  • Configure KVM compute node
  • Import KVM compute node
  • Configure ESX compute node
  • Import ESX compute node

Lab 3: Integrating ESX compute node

  • Create cluster for ESXi compute host
  • Configure networking on ESXi compute node for CloudSystem8
  • Register vCenter in CloudSystem
  • Import Compute cluster into CloudSystem
  • Adjust firewall on ESX compute node for VNC connection

Lab 4: Integrating KVM compute node

  • Configure networking on KVM compute node for CloudSystem 8
  • Check dependencies on KVM compute node
  • Import KVM Compute node into CloudSystem 8

Module 7: Images and Instances

  • Describe Cloud-ready images
  • Upload images
  • Launch instances

Lab 5: Provisioning and managing instances

  • Import VMDK and qcow2 images into CloudSystem 8
  • Launch instances on ESX and KVM compute node
  • Access console and settings for instances
  • Launch multiple instances with CloudSystem 8
  • Stop, start, and terminate instance in CloudSystem 8

Module 8: CloudSystem v8.0 Block Storage

  • Describe cinder service
  • Describe block storage terms
  • Be able to configure block storage in CloudSystem v8.0

Lab 6: Provisioning block storage for instances

  • Add 3Par FC block storage driver to CloudSystem 8 Adding Volume Types to CloudSystem
  • Create and add volumes on 3Par using CloudSystem 8
  • Launching new instance with block storage volume

Module 9: CloudSystem Networking

  • Describe Neutron network service
  • Explain types of network available in CloudSystem v8.0
  • Create router and subnets
  • Assign floating IP’s

Lab 7: Managing Software Defined Networking

  • Create and configure security groups
  • Create keypairs
  • Create routers
  • Assign floating IP’s
  • Create private networks

Module 10: CloudSystem v8.0 CLI

  • Install CLI tools
  • Enable console access using CLI
  • Set password for console access
  • Log into appliance console
  • Use environmental variables with CLI

Lab 8: Using CloudSystem 8 CLI

  • Install CloudSystem 8 Client CLI
  • Using CloudSystem 8 Client CLI