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Administering HP CloudSystem Matrix Solutions, Rev. 13.21 (H4B97)

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Detailed Course Outline

Module 1 — Cloud Fundamentals
  • Describe cloud computing and its benefits to customers
  • Describe the different types of cloud implementations
  • Explain key Converged Infrastructure and cloud processes and terminology
  • Identify the lifecycle of cloud services
  • Describe the HP Cloud Functional Reference Architecture
  • List and position the HP CloudSystem offerings and explain their capabilities
Module 2 — HP Converged Infrastructure and CloudSystem Offerings
  • List, describe, and position:
  • HP Converged Infrastructure components
  • HP CloudSystem software
  • HP Enterprise Security solutions for Converged Infrastructure and cloud HP business continuity solutions for Converged Infrastructure and cloud HP service offerings for Converged Infrastructure and cloud
  • Use additional resources available from HP for the Converged Infrastructure and CloudSystem
  • Identify current market trends and the strengths and leadership of HP within the industry
Module 3 — HP CloudSystem Matrix Installation and Maintenance
  • List and describe pre-installation checks
  • List and describe main installation, configuration, and upgrade tasks
  • List and describe post-installation activities
  • Explain how to discover and inventory the HP CloudSystem Matrix environment
  • Describe how to collect baseline information
Module 4 — HP CloudSystem Matrix Administration and Operation
  • List and describe the CloudSystem user roles
  • Describe how to monitor and manage: Cloud supply layer
    • Cloud delivery layer
    • Cloud demand layer
  • Describe how to create, maintain, and perform the backup and recovery process in the Converged Infrastructure and cloud environments
Module 5 — Solution Enhancements
  • Describe how to upgrade and expand the HP CloudSystem Matrix solution
    • Federated CMS
    • Hardware expansion kits
    • Software expansion with Cloud Service Automation for Matrix
  • Describe how to customize the HP CloudSystem Matrix environment
  • Describe how to add high availability features to the HP CloudSystem Matrix solution
    • HP Recovery Management for CloudSystem
    • High availability for the CMS
Module 6 — HP CloudSystem Matrix Troubleshooting
  • Outline the general troubleshooting steps and list the pertinent troubleshooting resources
  • Describe how to collect necessary data to effectively troubleshoot the HP CloudSystem Matrix environment
  • Describe how to evaluate the collected data
  • Describe how to develop and execute an action plan
  • Explain what to gather and how to make a support call to HP


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