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UCS Opportunity Discovery Workshop (UCSODW)

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Detailed Course Outline

What’s Happening in Today’s Data Centers

  • Learn the Data Center jargon
  • Trends causing change in today's Data Centers
  • Legacy Architectural Issues in the Data Center

The Evolving Data Center

  • Today’s Evolving Data Center Requirements
  • Trends in server architectures and DC architectures
  • Mainframe to SOA (Service-Oriented Architectures)
  • Is Cisco relevant in today’s Data Centers?
  • Types of server platforms and how it relates to UCS sales
  • VMware Review – Why virtualization has changed today’s DC

Cisco’s Data Center Innovations – An Architectural Approach

  • Key DC and UCS Business Drivers
  • Cisco’s DC Strategy & Product Portfolio
  • Overview of the UCS & Nexus Platforms
  • The UCS-Nexus Integration Story
  • Cisco UCS Partnered Solutions – FlexPod and VSPEX
  • Positioning Cisco's UCS & Nexus portfolio within the customer’s Data Centre architecture
  • Exercise: UCS University Challenge

Taking a Consultative Approach to Your Customer

  • Develop a Business-focused Business Case for UCS
  • Sell across multiple architectures
  • Who makes the buying decision for server purchases?
  • Who are the account’s Stakeholders and Influencers?
  • Political barriers to overcome
  • Influencing the UCS Business Stakeholders
  • Influencing the UCS Technical Stakeholders
  • Exercise: Starting a UCS Conversation with a Key Stakeholder

Analyze The Selling Opportunities

  • Opportunity Identification
  • Customer’s key business initiatives and the effect on server sales
  • Target Markets and Market Opportunities
  • The Importance of Customer Profiling
  • Exercise: Customer Profiling for UCS Opportunities

Competition and Differentiation

  • Cisco UCS in the DC Market
  • The key benefits of a Cisco UCS solution
  • Cisco UCS versus HP, Dell and IBM solutions
  • Key UCS Differentiators and Value Propositions
  • UCS Proof Points and Competitive Assets
  • Exercise: Selling Against the Competition

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