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IoT Account Team – Utilities Workshop (IOTU-WS)

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Detailed Course Outline

IoT Account Team - Utilities Workshop

Objective: Understanding the current landscape and industry insights within the Utilities Vertical, and apply it to account team planning.

  • IoT and the Utilities Vertical Landscape
    • Existing approaches in Infrastructure Zones (Generation, Transmission, Substation and Distribution)
    • Existing approaches in consumer zones (Home, Building, Data Centers and Distributed Generation and Storage)
    • Current Challenges within Utilities (Energy delivery, customer engagement, asset life-cycle management & optimization)
  • Business Goals and Functional Requirements for IT/OT Convergence initiatives
    • NERC-CIP Regulatory Mandates
    • Automation
    • Network Management
    • Billing
    • Contact Centers
    • Metering
    • Data Analytics
  • Business Outcomes desired in the Utilities Vertical
    • Industry Trends leading to IT/OT Convergence, the next evolution of the Smart Grid
    • Industry drivers of IT/OT Convergence
    • Understand the opportunity that IT/OT Convergence creates
  • Workshop Exercise: mapping business outcomes to initiatives around IT/OT Convergence

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