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Internet of Things Security SE Workshop – Utilities Vertical (IOTSS-UTL)

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Detailed Course Outline

Module 1: Introduction to ICS/OT Security

Objective: Understanding the current security model and regulatory guidelines governing Utilities

  • Current security model within ICS/OT Utilities Vertical
  • Differences in Security Requirements between OT and IT
  • Why the traditional OT Security Framework is not a viable security enabling option
  • Overview of Compliance and Regulatory (such NERC-CIP and NIST) standards, mandates and Guidelines on ICS/OT environment specific to Utilities

Module 2: Understand the Zero-Trust IoT Model for ICS/OT environments

Module Objective: Understand how the Cisco Portfolio of Security Solutions can deliver an IT/OT converged Zero-Trust ICS/OT environment for Utilities

  • Deep dive into the Zero Trust IT/OT Converged Security Model within security zones:
    • Data Center
    • Control Center
    • Field Aggregation Network
    • Substation Network
    • Automated Metering Infrastructure Network
  • Understand the IoT Security Lifecycle Service delivery structure around:
    • Planning
    • Design
    • Testing
    • Commissioning
    • Operating
  • Understand the IoT Security Risk Control Framework for IT/OT Converged environments
    • NIST Risk Management Framework
    • Asset Inventory and Management
    • PCN Access and Control
    • System Patches
    • Security Log Collection and Management
    • Proactive Monitoring
    • Backup and Restore
  • Explore the role of an Integrated Security Operations Center (ISOC) Role for IT/OT Converged environments in Utilities
    • Functional Blocks
    • Integration Methodology
  • Explore the relevant Use Cases and their References

Module 3: IoT Security Case Study Workshop

Module Objective: Understand the Cisco Portfolio of Security Solutions and their use cases within Utilities

  • Facilitated Application Workshops: Group Activity: Customer Role-play— highlighting relevant Cisco IoT Security solutions and the business benefit to the customer; articulating the technical and business value of the Cisco IoT Security Solutions
  • Self-Directed Workshop: Exercise using Zero Trust IT/OT Converged Security Model to build a Bill of Materials (BOM)

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