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DNA-C Activation with Assurance (DNAC)

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Detailed Course Outline

Key Topics Covered:

  • Advantages of DNA-C without SDA
  • Network Hierarchy
  • Build an inventory of wired and wireless devices
  • Manage the Inventory
  • Command Runner
  • Templates
  • Topology
  • Assurance for Wired and Wireless
  • Wireless as a Sensor
  • Intelligent Capture
  • Prime vs DNA-C

Hands on Labs:

  • Create sites and building in the DNA-C
  • Configure Network Settings
  • Discover Network Devices – wired and wireless
  • Place APS on the floor
  • Verify the Topology
  • Command Runner
  • Template Editor
  • Verify wireless and wired client connectivity
  • Setup wireless sensors
  • Assurance
  • Walk through Troubleshooting with Assurance
  • Brownfield:

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