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Business Led Secure DC Training for Account Managers (BLSDC)

Detailed Course Outline

PART ONE - Creating and Detecting the Opportunity

  • Positioning Security as a Business Enabler
  • Market and Business Drivers
  • Secure DC Case Studies
  • Identifying Business Challenges and Business Impact
    • Identifying Business and Security Initiatives
    • Researching for Initiatives
  • Group Exercise
    • Each group is given a different case study and asked to identify what challenges exist within the business and what is the impact of having those challenges and what initiatives (DC, security or business) the customer is planning and the potential data center threats to those initiatives
  • Positioning our Solutions
    • Secure DC Use Cases
  • Solutions for a Basic DC
  • Solutions for a Remote Access DC
  • Solutions for a Virtualised DC
  • Solutions for a Multi-Tenant DC
    • Positioning Cisco DC and DC Security solutions
  • Group Exercise

Each group will now work on their case study to what type of DC they have, which solutions (DC or security) may be relevant to their customers and complete a template that shows their customer’s business challenges, impacts, initiatives and goals, the potential threats to those and the possible Cisco solutions.

PART TWO – Customer Engagement

  • Linking Initiatives and Stakeholders
  • Identifying Stakeholders
  • Approaching Key Stakeholders
  • Key Stakeholders and Buyers
    • DC Security Care-abouts and Needs
    • Engaging & approaching the DC Manager, CSO, CFO and CIO
    • Sample Questions
  • Group Exercise

Each group will now work on their case study to identify one key strategic initiative, three key stakeholders and agree three key questions to ask

PART THREE – Setting the Criteria to Win

  • Losing the Data Center
  • The Attach Chain
  • An Integrated Approach - The Attack Continuum
  • The Architectural Differentiator
  • The Cisco Architectural Differentiator
  • Driving the Architectural Sale
  • Success Story
  • Group Exercise

Each group will now work on their case study to identify a positioning statement on why Cisco’s DC and Security solutions and approach is unique and its value to their customer

PART FOUR – Differentiation and Objection Handling

  • Dispelling DC Myths
  • Cisco the Market Leader
  • Our Competitors
  • Key Differentiation
  • Resistance to Change Exercise
  • Why Cisco for DC Security
  • DC and Security Advanced Services
  • Additional Resources and Promotions
  • Group Exercise

Each group will now work on their case study to agree the top objections that may be raised and how to handle those from a business and technical perspective.

PART FIVE – Final Presentation

  • Group Exercise
    • Each team will now create a CxO pitch on how Cisco DC solutions and DC Security will enable the business to implement its Business Initiatives and meet its strategic objectives
    • Debrief
  • Summary
    • Summary
    • Q&A
    • Wrap